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Writing Well to Sell Yourself

A well-crafted business story connects prospects to your business on a deeper level than traditional benefit-orientated marketing. Why? We are wired to enjoy and pay attention to stories. More importantly for your business, we become personally invested in engaging stories and their outcomes.Yet, most business writing never leverages the full potential of storytelling and, therefore, never stands out.

Here are 5 simple ways to take your marketing and business writing beyond straightforward selling and create lasting connections with prospects:

Get Personal

Tell the personal story behind the business. Prospects respond best to your authenticity and passion – so let this shine. Did your business grow out of a personal loss or a difficult challenge? What was the business’ original mission?

By painting a personal, human picture of your business, you remind prospects that your business is built by people with whom they can relate and connect to.

How Will You Help Your Customer?

Connect with your prospects “pain points.” Zero in on your prospects and clients’ challenges and demonstrate your thorough understanding of these problems.

Focus on the End Result

Explain the solutions your business offers. Describe how your understanding of, and experience with, the “pain points” helped you create an ideal solution. Don’t dwell on selling the product or service. Instead, illustrate how it has improved your or others’ lives and businesses.

The Big Picture

Go beyond your business’ solutions. What is your business’ larger mission? How do you want to make a lasting impact? Sharpie, for example, aims to create a more creative world. Starbucks offers an inviting gathering place and promotes small luxuries.

Prospects and clients will engage with your business’ unique goals more meaningfully than descriptions of your products’ benefits.


Show your readers how to take the next step. After reading your engaging business story, your prospects will want to take action. Make sure they know exactly how to contact you, learn more about your service or purchase a product.

Creating a connection with your prospects and clients through your stories will build these important relationships. Keep the relationship strong by updating your story frequently and tailoring it to be told in many different venues.

Last modified: July 24, 2021