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Why Good Content Writers Strive for a Living

Good Content Writers

Content writing is a tough business. You have to put in long hours, struggle with deadlines and the ever-present question of how well you are doing your job. However, when you do it right, it can be very rewarding. It may not be easy but there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you’ve written a great blog post or email newsletter. That’s why good content writers strive for a living.

Content writers are more than just copywriters

Content writers create content for blogs, websites and newsletters. They are more than just copywriters though because content is not just text. In fact content can be anything from a video to an infographic or animation depending on what the content needs to communicate.

From the outside in

So why would you want to write content? Content writing is not a very lucrative profession which means that there aren’t many people who do it professionally unless they have some other incentive like creating content for their own blog or building content specifically for one client such as an agency does. The money can be good but creating content isn’t easy nor should it be. It’s hard work and you need to know your way around the internet inside out so that you can deliver relevant content your readers. Ideally content writers should be content creators as well, but it can work the other way around too.

Money is not a driving factor for content writing

For content writers creating content from scratch or responding to content requests is not about the money at all but rather what they want to achieve. Content creation and marketing are two different things that often get confused with each other so let’s keep them separate here since both of them play a huge role in content writing. When you create content (blog posts, videos, graphics etc.) for yourself it’s meant to attract people to your website which in turn increases traffic on your site. With enough traffic you could even generate leads if you offer something relevant and valuable in exchange for visiting your content.

Day in the life of content writer

As a content writer you need to keep your content writing skills sharp at all times and be able to adjust to changing needs from clients and customers on different platforms insuring that you always have something relevant to say even when there is nothing really new going on. Content writers often get asked about content for different topics such as SEO, content marketing or social media among others but their responses are tailored and changed so that they are always offering something new regardless of how many novels they’ve written over the years.

Content writing is not just copywriting

Copywriters write content for advertisements. Advertisements must make people buy a product or service within 30 seconds otherwise some other company will get their money instead. Content writing works in the opposite way. It’s content that creates a long lasting relationship with your customers and helps build trust between you and them. As content writers, we don’t have to worry about getting people to make a buying decision on the spot but rather about how well we can describe our company and what it stands for so that people will keep coming back again and again whenever they need us.

The content writer’s life is never boring

As content writers, we often find ourselves going down different rabbit holes filling our days with content creation when there isn’t any content request or project from a client waiting to be done. However, not all content is created equal because not every piece of content you write reaches as many people as some content does. The content writer’s life is never boring because content writing requires the content creator to be innovative and think outside of the box since content creation can never be a routine activity.

The content writers’ community

As content writers we often end up talking about our struggles with each other or get help from others when there is something we need to get done on short notice. It’s easier that way for content writers who have many things going on in their day-to-day business lives and even though it may not look like it, being part of a content writer’s community helps content writers stay consistent in their efforts over time thereby remaining successful as content creators and marketers, which ultimately forces customers to come back for more content time after time again.

Content writers are content creators

Contrary to content creation, content writing is an activity that requires consistency and content writers who don’t see the value in content creation are not likely to become successful content creators. In other words content writers need to create content long before clients ask for it or at least create drafts of their content material so that they can use them when needed. When you’re done with creating a piece of content it’s then time for editing, formatting and posting but remember what I said about good old-fashioned copywriting – if your customer doesn’t click on your ad after 30 seconds…you lose!

Good content is never a one-time thing

The next time you read a blog post from Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin or any content writer for that matter realize that what you’re reading has been tried and tested by content writers over and over again including the headline.

Content is never really done

The content I’m writing at this very moment may be complete one day but new information will come to light requiring content writers to rewrite content, edit it, change headlines or even delete content material in order to keep up with trends and customer expectations. That’s why as content creators we have to make sure we plan for contingencies since not all our content will end up as a success no matter how good we think it is. As content writers, knowing when your content should end is just as important as knowing where it should start because even though content writing is content creation it’s also content management and content maintenance.

A content writer’s journey is long and full of mysteries to explore

As content writers, we often travel to different corners of the world for content research, content creation or content distribution purposes but ultimately what defines us as content creators are our stories that help us get through tough times when it seems like nothing will ever go our way.

Be Consistent

Being a content creator you have to be consistent in your efforts with each hit generally being followed by two misses

Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness. And while there is nothing wrong with asking for forgiveness if you’re wrong from time to time, asking customers for forgiveness shouldn’t be the content writer’s main objective. A content creator has to be consistent and know what content should do before it is even created in order for content creators to connect with their customers in a way that only content writers can.

Last modified: August 22, 2021