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Why Content is Not The King Anymore

Some years ago, just creating content was enough. You were indexed well pretty fast and you had a good chance of reaching success. However, things have changed a whole lot. Millions of people create new content everyday.

This means that if you only rely on creating new content, you are just another brick in the wall. You need to escape the content notion and focus on something far more essential.

Content Still Bears Royalty

Of course, content will always be important. And yes, the more content you create, the more likely it is for your blog to be better placed in search engines. Without ideas, advices and interesting writings, people will not ever visit your website. If they do, they will abandon the boat rather quickly because there is a lesser community with less content.

Content is a great way to get your visitors excited, but it is not actually a useful means of getting new people visiting. You may be creating tons and tons of content, which is a good long term strategy.

On the other hand, especially if you are in a competitive niche, it is highly likely that your ideas are already out there, being covered by other influential blogs. You write a new post and there are already a hundred other posts, explaining the same things. So, can you really do anything about it?

Enter: The New King

All hail the new king with the odd name, Marketing. Stop writing on your blog for a little while. I know that sounds crazy, and I know that deep down inside you are craving to write. You are supposed to write to your blog, it’s what you love to do.

But let’s be sincere. This will not get you as far as you can as quick as you want.

Instead, start creating a plan on finding visitors that are interested in your niche. Once you finish writing a post, think to yourself: “Would it be a good idea to offer it as a guest post?”

Even if you decide to keep the article, you still need to go about promoting it; spreading the word about it. But direct your marketing to the people who would actually care to read it. If you are writing a blog about cars, it would make no sense to promote your posts to a network of people who are fond of bicycles. Always target your audience.

Make no mistake, marketing is really an essential blogging ingredient. After all, you are living on a huge network of people; the world wide web. You just need to find the right part of this giant network.

Of course, the web is not a market by itself. However, there are millions of markets which lie inside of it. Your blog is already targetting one of those, but you are not the only one.

Unlucky for you, when you are not the only one providing solutions, you have to let people know that you are there and that you are the best. The idea is that I have to visit you. If I don’t know about your existence, you are just invisible to me. I’m already visiting other blogs in your niche.

It’s not not because they are better than yours, but because I happen to know they exist. That is the secret to a long reign, being there to deliver the content.

When you market, make sure that you are doing the things that must be done and are widely known to work better. For example, guest posting is an incredibly versatile way of getting more people to view your articles and actually builds a long term value for your blog.

Are You Loyal to the New King?

Many of you won’t be willing to show loyalty to this new king. You may be stuck on the old king. Why wouldn’t you be willing to do this? I’m all ears for your thoughts and agreements/disagreements.

Last modified: July 24, 2021