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Why Content is Still the King

Thanks to the unprecedent development in the field of technology, business owners can now easily get connected to their targeted audience easily and effortlessly. Whether it is through social marketing, search engine optimization or even black-hat methods there’s something for everyone. Yet, with all these methods available you might wonder why writing unique and useful content is still king?

Why Content is King?

If you strip away all the promotional crap, the fancy designs, the strong communities of a website you are left with one thing that laid the foundation for everything around it to be successful that is; its CONTENT. In essence, the content of a blog is its ultimate tool to drive their users time and time again; back to the site.

Without a rich source of content that appeals to your targeted audienceno other promotion technique can be deemed successful. You could buy every visitor to your blog but the challenge lies on whether or not; you can make them come back.

That’s all there is. Personally; you could drive 20x the traffic to your blog in one day (either buying traffic or hit the front page of Digg) but the more important question is; how many of these visitors can you retain on your blog in the long run? The only way you can do that is by producing content or a source of information that is unique to the rest of the internet and something your readers will want to read on your blog than on any others!

Ways in which “Content” can contribute to your blog;

Develops Your Community

Your content is your key weapon to spark discussion. People will come to your site in hope to read something useful, and if you are able to produce that content they are most likely to spend a few seconds or minutes to leave a comment. This is the initial stage of gaining more readers and more fol-lowers in the long run.

Social Bookmarking

Many webmasters spend a lot of time investing in social-media networks such as Digg, Reddit, Stumble and etc. however, a single person’s efforts can only go so far. The key idea behind these networks is to connect with real people and make an impact. If you can create content that readers find favor-able you will succeed in the world of social-bookmarking.

Brings Authority To Your Twitter

With Direct Messaging and ReTweets; this benefit is pretty self-explanatory. If you are able to generate content that your followers find useful they are more likely to tweet about it and perhaps even request a few retweet for it.


If you content is worth reading, your readers are more likely to talk about it. They will tell their friends, discuss it with relatives or even send an email to someone who they might think is interested. This can be a powerful tool (depending on the background of your site), especially if your content is something everyone can relate to.


Many might still argue that you can run a blog without producing top quality content; I beg to differ due to the above reasons. No matter how well you market your site or throw money at it; your success will ultimately depend on the quality of your posts. It’s depicts whether your reader will return to your website or not and also depict whether or not they will subscribe to your blog.

Success is defined differently by everyone, but I would say it’s in every webmaster’s interest to gain more subscribers and not having unique and useful content you won’t get far.

Last modified: July 24, 2021