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Types of Content Writers

Types of Content Writers

Content writers are not a niche job; they can be found in almost every industry and profession. In this post, we’ll take a look at the different types of content writers that exist. 

14 Types of Content Writers

1. Blog writer

The first type of content writer is the blogger. Generally, bloggers write about their own interests and post them on blogging sites like Tumblr or WordPress. Not everyone who writes blogs is a professional, but since blogging can be monetized, many people do it as a full-time job.

2. Businesses’ own writers

Another kind of content writer is one that works for large companies like Coca-Cola or Disney. These companies will hire their own staff to produce content to promote their products online (not to be confused with native advertising). This could range from advertisements, product descriptions, to even instructional videos that teach consumers how to use their products properly.

3. Freelance Writers

It’s not uncommon for smaller businesses to hire freelancers to write for them, and this is very common in the web content writing world. A good example of this is a small restaurant that needs a website and basic copy written. They can either hire someone full-time or they can work with freelance writers; most times the smaller companies will opt for the latter because it’s cheaper.

4. Ghostwriters

Another type of content writer is one whose name you’ve never heard before: ghostwriters. Generally speaking, ghostwriters are written under by another person – usually celebrities – and all credit goes to them instead of the actual writer who did most of the work (if not all). You may have read some blog posts by very popular people and didn’t know that they didn’t write them!

5. Journalists

Journalists are another type of content writer, and although many people may think they’re the same as bloggers, there’s one big difference: where journalists gather information for their articles (usually news sites or magazines) and blog writers tend to share their own thoughts about it. This has given rise to blog-like news sites like Huffington Post that combine both types of writing under one roof.

6. SEO Content Writer

These people focus on writing about their product in such a way that it’s geared towards increasing rankings and attracting more organic traffic – they’re optimizers for search engines. This is one of the most important types of content writing because if your website doesn’t rank high in Google (or any other major search engine), then no one will find you and very few people will be interested in what you offer.

7. Press Release writer

A press release is written when a company wants to announce something like a new product or service, and they need the media (online news sites and magazines) to publish it. Press releases can be either long (3-4 pages) for big events, or short (under 300 words) for smaller announcements. These writers tend to be well-versed in writing SEO content as well.

8. Resume writer

Most people may not think that resume writing is part of the content writing trade, but it actually is! Since resumes are basically just pieces of gated content used by hiring managers when evaluating potential employees, their job practically makes them mini marketers for themselves because they’re selling themselves in an organized and efficient way.

9. Academic Writer

Academic writers help students with their papers and other projects. This can be done either face-to-face or online, where the writer will meet the student via Skype before helping them with whatever they need. Academic writers have a background in research and writing and understand how important it is to give new ideas and support others’ points of view on an issue.

10. Copywriter

Copywriters are people who write for print, either in advertisements, brochures, or even business letters. They tend to work with big companies that focus on marketing through the web and email, so it’s very similar to web content writing. You can also call them internet copywriters because they’re skilled at creating content meant for promotion via the web (and sometimes email).

11. Email writer

Sending emails is a must if you have an online business, which means that email writing needs to be part of your content marketing campaign to attract customers. You can either learn how to write effective emails yourself or hire someone who already knows what they’re doing, which often comes with the added benefit of having newsletters created for you as well.

12. Product description writers

If you’ve shopped on Amazon before, then you’ve definitely come across product descriptions written by very talented people! Not all ecommerce sites hire copywriters to create long descriptions about their products online because it’s expensive and time-consuming to maintain however; these types of writers are responsible for making sure everything is clear and concise in a way that entices others to buy it.

13. Whitepaper writer

People may not realize it, but whitepapers are actually just like academic papers written about a certain topic (usually scientific, technological or business-related) that you can download on your computer or mobile device to read later on. These writers need to be able to research the topic at hand before writing an in-depth view of it all (including multiple sources for research).

14. Report Writer

These writers are usually people who write quarterly (or biannually) reports for businesses, which basically means that they keep everyone informed about what’s going on at all times. Businesses may hire writers to create these reports with the main goal of keeping their clients in the loop or attracting new ones, depending on how it’s written and what sort of information is contained within them.

Last modified: October 7, 2021