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14 Landing Pages Conversion Tips

14 Landing Pages Conversion Tips

A well-designed landing page can increase your conversion rate by 50% or more. But what differentiates a good landing page from one that’s just okay? In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to create an effective landing page with compelling copy and design elements, so you can see the kind of results these pages are capable of generating!

Make your page easy to navigate

It seems like common sense, but one of the simplest ways to improve your landing page is to make it easy for visitors to use. First and foremost, this means making sure that the button you’re asking people to click actually sends them where you say it will.

Best colors for landing pages

Use different colors in your landing page elements wisely. For example, if your call-to-action text is blue, using a red background will create an immediate contrast and draw attention directly to what you want visitors to do next (i.e., sign up). However, be careful when choosing complementary or contrasting colors for text and backgrounds so your message doesn’t get lost in the mix!

Testimonials are key

Why would people trust an unknown brand more than a familiar, credible one? People are more likely to believe you if they hear it from other people. So make sure your landing page includes quotes, reviews, or testimonials that can boost credibility and get your visitors (and potential customers) excited about your brand!

Make it quick

The key to crafting a landing page that has an immediate impact is brevity – don’t make your audience work too hard for the information you’re providing them. The shorter your text, the faster they’ll be able to read through it all and decide whether or not they want to take action.

Use contrasting colors on the text and background

If you want to attract attention to your content, then it’s a good idea to use bold colors and contrasting elements. It’s a proven, psychological trick that will help you create a landing page that really pops.

Keep it simple

The simpler your landing page is, the better chance you have of catching the attention of potential customers and making them want to checkout without hesitation. Remove any unnecessary elements such as ads or distracting banners so they’re not tempted to click away from your content due to visual clutter!

Include urgency in your call-to-action text

Urgency is good – people respond much better when they feel like they’ll lose out on something if they don’t act right away. If your message includes phrases like “1 exclusive item remaining!” or “Sale ends tomorrow!”, this helps get visitors excited about buying right away.

Use full-width images

Full-width images help you tell a story about your brand and product, increasing your ability to connect meaningfully with potential customers. These days, many visitors have become used to scanning web pages instead of reading from top to bottom, so it’s important that you give them a reason to read the copy on your page – and plenty of reasons not to click away! If this information is spread out over several lines in a paragraph or if it’s interrupted by less relevant elements (i.e., ads), then it makes sense that someone would want to skip over it quickly rather than take the time to read everything in detail. By using large photos that extend all the way down your page, you can help ensure that the copy on your landing page gets read, and seen.

Use color in key areas

Specific sections of your landing page tend to be more important than others, such as the headline or call-to-action text. So using an impactful color here will make a good first impression with potential visitors who are scanning for information about your brand – it’s instinctive to give extra attention to something that stands out from the rest of the colors on a page! You can also use contrasting colors or subtle shades to highlight particular words or phrases throughout your content. This is another tool you can use to catch people’s attention and get them engaged more quickly.

Big Call-to-Action Button

Include a call-to-action button that is big enough for users to click on it without having to use their mouse. Another good idea is to utilize both visual and written hints on the button so users will know what to expect when they click it.

Make your landing page load fast

Your landing page needs to load in less than 3 seconds or else there’s a big chance that visitors will close your page and leave before even reading anything you have put up, also, 50% of people simply won’t wait for a web-page to fully load! We know this happens because we ran an A/B test ourselves where we noticed that adding videos at the top of our landing pages increased conversion rates by 30%-60%. Make sure that you image compression tool is properly configured and then using GZIP as well.

One thing worth mentioning here: Don’t load your page with tons of scripts. Many companies insist on using third-party JavaScript libraries or code snippets in order to make their landing pages more appealing and at times, more interactive. While this may sound like a good idea, it’s not! When you add too many scripts, the loading speed slow downs and can sometimes even stop your entire landing page from working properly. This will definitely have an adverse effect on your bounce rate and conversions so make sure that you keep track of the amount of scripts that are being loaded on each landing page and remove any extra ones you don’t really need there.

Optimize the design for each landing page

It’s a good idea to customize your landing page for each of your marketing campaigns, with different designs and content depending on the specific goals you want to achieve with that particular campaign – whether you are trying to get people to sign up for an email list, download an eBook or white paper, schedule a consultation, or buy something. Whatever type of landing page you’ve created, make sure it’s easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for by using clear links and calls-to-action!

Be consistent throughout your site

Maintaining a coherent brand identity across all touch points is essential in order to build trust and credibility with your audience. Whatever colors or fonts you use, make sure they are consistent across all your web pages and even in your email marketing messages to avoid having a muddled message!

Use social media

If you have a strong presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, then it’s definitely worth posting about your new landing page – not only will this help spread word about any new products or services that you’re offering, but it gives visitors who might not be familiar with your company a chance to learn more about what you do.

Last modified: August 11, 2021