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Tips To Market Your Book Online

Market Your Book Online

With the boom in the digital marketing, why not utilize it to your benefit and aid your book’s marketing campaign. Here are a few valuable tips for you.

6 Tips to Market Your Books

Have a Webpage

No matter how large-scale or small-scale your book marketing campaign is, having a webpage for it is essential. You could have either a webpage for yourself and have your latest book as the main feature or you could have an exclusive webpage for your book only. If the design and layout are in sync with your book’s genre and storyline, it adds more appealing value to your webpage. Do not forget to include a ‘BUY NOW’ option by connecting to various online payment options available these days. Having this option available apart from listing your book on online market places like Amazon and Barnes & Noble will give your reader the added option of purchasing it directly from you.

Social Media

Having a fan base on various social media platforms will definitely benefit your marketing campaign. Provide links to your webpage and various purchase websites on these platforms to increase your webpage visits and in turn, reach out further to your target customers. Launch campaigns specific to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc with assistance from the digital marketing experts.

Bloggers Paradise!

Most writers have their blogs – if you don’t, then start one before it’s too late. The readers are always inquisitive to know about the author and how he/she came about to writing a particular book. Post often to maintain the rapport with your readers and establish your ‘brand’ through consistency. Invite fellow bloggers to share their views and never hesitate from commenting on others’ blogs. Providing a link to your blog/webpage in the end is a good marketing tactic.

Book Readings & Tours

Organizing book readings at libraries and book shops is still in practice. Utilize technological advancements to your benefit and organize book readings online on platforms like Google hangout, where an interactive session can be easily collaborated with your reading. Online book tours are an excellent way to expand your web presence. Request websites to feature an article by you, which you will obviously write for them for free, and feature your webpage link in the ‘About the author’ section.

Engage & Interact

To add to the blogging campaign, sending out regular emails to fans, profile visitors, followers, friends, newsletter subscribers etc is a brilliant way to establish the personal connection and interact with your potential buyers. Including questions in your blog that will encourage the readers to express their views is a good approach. Always respond to their comments and make them feel important.

Be Creative

Writing a book is not an easy task and requires an author to be extremely creative. Use your creativeness to your advantage by using new digital marketing techniques, for example, you could record one of your book readings and post it on your Youtube channel. Feedback and reviews from the general public can be recorded and also uploaded. Donating a few copies to local libraries and schools/colleges (depending upon your genre’s audience) can be arranged and a press release can be issued after that. The sky is limit here!

Last modified: March 10, 2021