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Prepare Content Calendar for Digital Marketing

Content Calendar for Digital Marketing

Content is an integral part of Digital Marketing and keeping it fresh, relevant and in accordance with your marketing strategy is imperative. Creating a content calendar to stay on track and at the same time, keep your entire team informed and in tune with your content marketing plan is crucial to building your presence online. A simple content calendar, or also known as an editorial calendar, would outline your planned content with key dates and to this, more specific columns like author, developed on, posted on, categories, keywords, tags etc can be added according to your preferences and specific needs. Below, we have outlined the general modus operandi for you.

Content Calendar for Digital Marketing

Decide the Layout

Choose a platform that is most suited for you, for example Google Docs, simple Excel sheets or other forms of maintaining and sharing the content calendar with your marketing team. Decide which elements are required and design the layout accordingly. Sample calendars are available in plenty online for you to take inspiration from. We would suggest having a master calendar with basic details and specific calendars for the various genres of content you cover.

Stay Ahead

Planning and preparing content ahead of time will benefit in the coming weeks. Be prepared with at least 2 weeks of content to stay on track, reduce stress and be able to concentrate on parallel marketing techniques which need to be put into motion at that specific time. When it comes to new marketing campaigns, then being prepared with a month’s worth of content is advisable. Also, deciding the number of posts per day with definite timings is required and this varies from company to company.

Plan Corresponds to Marketing Strategy

It is easy to get involved in day-to-day activities so much that you tend to forget about your overall digital marketing plan. Having a content calendar will help you plan your content in accordance with your marketing strategy. Design your content in such a way that it aids your marketing campaigns and cross-promotions, as this highly affects the rise and fall in sales.

Simple Approval Process

An effective and simple approval process for all content that is posted can be inculcated into the content calendar to avoid any disasters or mishaps. Sharing the content calendar will ensure everybody is involved and what mistake is not noticed by one will be noticed by another. Avoiding debacles and posting perfect content online is easier with a clear-cut approval process in place.

Brainstorm and Adjust

With many talented minds involved, you are bound to get more inputs and more ideas regarding the content that will appeal the most to your target audience. Using the best ideas will definitely benefit the marketing strategy. Once the content is posted, adjustments can be easily incorporated into your content calendar depending upon the response that is received.

Creating a simple content calendar and updating it religiously will help you stay on track with your marketing plan, never run out of ideas and collaborate better with your team. It aids you immensely in organizing the complicated digital marketing plan into systematic stages that are easier to implement.

Last modified: March 10, 2021