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Enthrall Audience Through Your Content

Enthrall Audience Through Your Content

Creating captivating content is not easy task. There are so many factors involved and this is what unnerves even the most veteran writers. To make your task easy, here we have listed some tips that might help you write compelling and enthralling content for your target audience.

Tips to Write Captivating Content


Being aware of what is going on in and around your relevant industry is very important. To keep yourself updated, you can subscribe to RSS Feeds, Newsletters and even Google alerts to get an idea about creating content.

Focus on Social Media

Look out for social networking sites and see what they are discussing or asking questions about. Your lead prospects and what they talk about in terms of relevant content could matter a lot to you. This can help you in creating content to provide the information about those questions. However, not all that glitters is gold. So, we need to sort out the irrelevant matter from the genuine ones by using tools like Hootsuite, TweetDeck or the HubSpot’s social media tool.

Finding the Right Talent

You can integrate variety of potential writers within your organization. Content creators need not necessarily be writers, bloggers or freelancers. In a company, it may turn out that technical folk, product managers and other people may be equally adept in writing content. So, get your co-workers to contribute.

Overcoming the Writers’ Block

There should be a daily practice of updating your blog. Besides, you should have the topics collected that are to be covered. This helps in getting over stale ideas and coming up with better ones. For this, you can count on style banks which are a great tool to augment your writing skills.

Rewrite Content

Find multiple ways to improvise upon your own articles and get it republished. Convert your content into videos and ebooks. Nevertheless, the content would be the same, written in a different style and different formats.

Shoot, Shoot, Shoot

Take your pocket–sized iPhone or handy-cam to shoot videos as and when possible. For example, a business event is just the place where you can bring your camera to use. Ask people simple questions which they are able to answer and then incorporate them in the video.

Annual Round-Ups

This practice is essential to sum up in totality all that has been done in your company during a complete year. Whatever achievements the company or organization has had annually should be summarized. It could mean compiling together all your favorite blogs into an E-Book during each December. Be it round-ups, reviews or other such equivalent features, it can cater to broader prospects.

Be Original

Research and update is the key to faster growth in today’s world. People who read what you put into words like to see it accompanied with fresh data. This should become a healthy practice among bloggers and writers whereby it becomes easy for the company to generate suitable landing pages and promote content.

Be Open Minded

Rigidity in terms of writing skills is like Pandora’s box of troubles. You need to look way beyond the obvious that is your company and industry and try making connections between two events which will attract more people. However, it does not mean deviating from the path you originally set out to reach. Thinking out of the ordinary is what makes for good content. Being relevant doesn’t mean you can write only about your niche. So, stay focused but open minded.

Write Unique, Engaging and Fun Content

Do not revolve around writing about the same old articles which can easily cause boredom. Create a unique spin on a topic that stirs up people’s interests for a discussion.

Evergreen Topics

There comes a day when even the most skilled writer runs out of ideas on which to write. In such an eventuality, you need to focus on content which the audience loves to read anytime of the year. Some of these include-

  • Inspirational stories
  • The ‘’tell-me-how’’ articles
  • Articles on fitness and health
  • How to handle your money and save time

Be Empathetic

Knowing exactly what your audience wants helps in achieving that extra milestone as far as your content is concerned.

Exhibit Good Writing Skills

Spellings do count and so does good grammar and punctuation so be careful on those aspects. Be clear, concise in what you write and make for a compelling reading.

Last modified: March 10, 2021