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3 Reasons to Get Your Sustainable Business on Twitter

Sustainable Business on Twitter

Digital marketing for any organization be it sustainable or not can’t achieve its goal unless and until you realize the power of twitter. You need to find a way to harness its immense power to the advantages of your sustainable business model. Here is how you can market your sustainable business on this powerful medium without making it look cheesy –

1. Fastest Social Media Messenger

Over the years, Twitter has been unparalleled in its unique ability to deliver breaking news at warp speed. Because it’s so simple, easy to use, and broadcasts one’s answer to the question, “What’s happening?” to the rest of the world, the first impulse of journalists, media people, and even ordinary individuals who are on the location of a developing story is to tweet about it.

The swiftness with which the communication giant serves and spreads real-time information is seen in how often a news story would break on Twitter hours before its even makes its way to a daily’s headline or a TV reporter’s script.

As a sustainable business owner, you can take advantage of Twitter’s supreme quickness by:

  • Tweeting updates on your product or service even as you work on them or even while the ideas are still at the development or production stages, then announcing (and pre-announcing) any progress, big reveals, and scheduled launches on Twitter before any other social media channel you have.
  • Finding any hashtags that are trending at the moment and join current, relevant conversations in a way that gives meaning to both your business and your customers.
  • Responding expressly to any inquiries or concerns your customers have regarding your products or services they either have purchased or want to purchase. This brings us to our next point.

2. Genuine Engagement & Customer Service

In this era of social media, Twitter has become and continues to be the ultimate icon and example for direct engagement between users and companies.

The revolutionary speed at which messages are volleyed back and forth, combined with the plain visibility of all the native interactions within the platform, effectively tore down the wall between businesses and consumers and brought forth a sense of equality, candidness, and transparency for both consumers and businesses tweeting each other at any given time.

As a result, users are never shy to tweet about or engage with a brand on Twitter—whether it’s to express delight or disdain. The following are some ways your sustainable business can use this for the better:

  • You can adopt the medium as a way to field individual customer service questions, requests, or complaints, and forward bigger issues to your actual support hotlines for comprehensive care, resolution, and satisfaction delivery.
  • You can hold contests, promotions, and giveaways to participating followers.
  • You can do market research by holding quick polls and therefore uncover more information regarding your existing follower demographic.
  • You can crowdsource ideas for your next collections or production cycles.
  • You can simply gather feedback to help identify room for improvement within your business.

By tweeting like an actual human being who listens to your customers’ comments and questions, or who wants to make their day with treats and prizes, not only are you validating their concerns in front of a broad audience, you are also showing them that you care about them. Sustainable business is all about forming and maintaining meaningful relationships that benefit both sides of every equation, and this aspect of Twitter fosters that.

3. Be Creative with Your Words

Part of the reason behind Twitter’s unmatched nimbleness in spreading the word around is its signature 140-character limit, and this reason is the also exact same well from which has sprung an epically hilarious torrent of observations, jokes, one-liners, and exchanges.

And while humour is always welcome, don’t think you have to be funny all the time to get people’s attention. In general, brands on social media will always do well with crowds as long as they keep aiming to inform, like CNN Breaking News, to educate like National Geographic or Maureen Evans via @cookbook, to inspire like Brain Pickings or Kid President, or simply to entertain, like Mental Floss and YouTube.

This side of branded Twitter use matters because the premise you’re given, where you have a distinctly limited amount of space to use, forces you to think strategically and purposefully about what you can tweet about that not only serves your followers in the way that the aforementioned Twitters accounts do, but that also lets you shape your sustainable brand’s persona and image more specifically while you’re at it.

4. Exciting Features to Strengthen Brand

Between Vine and Periscope, between Twitter Cards and Twitter Moments, between being able to ‘favourite’ a tweet with a star and being able to ‘like’ a tweet with a heart (and possibly even reacting via ‘emoji’ in the near future), it’s not hard to see that Twitter is a constantly evolving social media network and organization that takes its cues for innovation from the needs of its users.

In fact, just recently, Twitter launched its own in-house social listening analytics and metrics tool that lets companies measure their impact on the Twitterverse, as compared to their competition.

All these recent, important developments mean is that you, as a sustainable business owner and tweeter will never want for opportunities on how to better use Twitter to create and enhance your relationships with your customers, as well as to expand the reach of your sustainable brand.

All in all, Twitter’s strength lies in its tremendous ability to enable conversations to unfold organically between users: connections made possible by the marriage of great minds and applied technology. You’d be hard-pressed to find another free, highly intuitive, and widely accessible Internet and mobile app that’s as immediately responsive and as reliable. That said, the onus is on you to turn these tweet chains into bonds that create lasting value for you, your followers, and your sustainable business. Good luck, and happy tweeting!

Last modified: November 25, 2020