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State of Content Marketing

The secret is out: content marketing has been recognized as the leading marketing activity to drive commercial results. Almost 30% of marketers believe that content marketing will be the most important digital marketing trend of the year. Research shows that content marketing drives inbound traffic to websites, though not without its share of challenges. Smart Insights explored what would be on the minds of content marketers this year.

Digital Marketing Success

Research by Smart Insights and B2C Content Marketing revealed the top eight goals for digital marketing professionals. Building customer relationships and engagement were the top priorities for 88% of marketers. This is a shift from the traditional goal of general lead generation. Instead, content marketing in 2019 will shift almost entirely to driving their customers to specific actions.

While the hearsay on digital marketing is generally phrased as, “Content marketing generates success,” research shows that “success” can be defined in several terms.

  • Website traffic
  • Sales
  • Higher conversion rates
  • SEO ranking
  • Time spent on website

A CMI survey showed that content marketers are facing a new set of challenges in 2019. While some challenges are familiar (for example, lack of budget and producing engaging content), 2019 will be the year for additional challenges like measuring content effectiveness and producing a variety of content. Only 8% of B2C marketers rate themselves as content producing superstars.

In summary, content marketing success will be rated differently per company, but each organization will have a similar set of challenges.

Key Insights

Smart Insights conducted a survey and discovered a fairly alarming statistic. While digital marketers have goals and recognize the value of content marketing, an alarming 56% of the ones surveyed said that they did not have a specific digital strategy. In fact, only 32.3% had a strategy integrated with their current marketing plan, and only 11.7% had a digital strategy in a separate document.

In 2019, competition will be fierce for getting (and keeping) customers engaged. To stay competitive, organizations will need to invest in targeting the right customers, distributing the right content to the right place, and evaluating the success of their efforts at regular time intervals. Tools like editorial calendars and analytics can help content marketers and any party involved with the team stay on the same track.

How Business Will Benefit from Content Marketing

Ever since the arrival of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, content marketing has become a hot topic in the marketing sector. More and more brands and businesses are channelizing their marketing efforts in this domain. Small businesses have to be more concerned about content marketing, if they want to survive in this fierce competition.

Content Marketing Is Not A New Phenomenon

Many content marketers might be boasting about it, but content marketing is not the new SEO. Content marketing has been widely practiced equally by businesses both small and big for increasing their search engine rankings.

Small businesses have a tendency to look at the content of their competitors and simply follow their content, idea or style. As a competitive small business, you have to be proactive and not reactive in your content marketing strategy. You have to take content seriously because all the leading businesses along with your competitors are taking it seriously. Trust me; you do not want to be left behind in this race.

Brand Awareness With Content Marketing

Content marketing promotes brand awareness. Brand awareness is a way of informing your audience profile about your company or your product/service. As an upcoming venture, you must keep publishing content that reaches out to your desired audience profile. You need to create a buzz about your existence in the marketplace. People should know that your company exists and also what your company stands for. This will play an important role in determining your brand equity and brand preference in the long run. If you fail to do so, your audiences will be swept away by your competitors or other market leaders.

As a small, upcoming venture, your capital would be very modest. Your marketing budget does not have to be that large. For making the best possible use of your resources, you must use content marketing for promoting your brand. Content marketing makes an optimal utilization of your resources and provides you greatest reach to your target audience. If you do not resort to content marketing in the long run, your business will not get that jump-start that most startup companies require.

Every business, big or small, focuses at customer acquisition. You must conduct a thorough research about your audience and consume profiles. Marketers have realized that content immensely helps in acquiring and retaining customers. As a small business, you must frame your content accordingly and acquiring as many customers as you can.

The best way to know your target audience is through social media sites. You must actively participate in social media marketing as well. A research conducted at a leading university of America shows that small and upcoming businesses benefit the most from content marketing. And why not, content marketing accelerates the growth phase of the life cycle of your business. It will give your business the right exposure, create the right brand awareness, and fetch customers for you.

We understand your passion and drive that motivated you start your business. Small and medium enterprises support the economy of a country in an important way. Through content marketing, you can use the different avenues of content marketing for managing your business.


Content marketing in 2019 will rely almost entirely on being able to implement a digital strategy designed with the organization’s goals in mind. Every organization has the same set of tools available to them:

  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • eNewsletters
  • Videos
  • In-person events
  • Images

However, these tools will only be as effective as this year’s marketers make them. Strategy, planning, creation, and distribution will have to take precedence in their digital strategy to succeed this year and moving forward.

Last modified: July 22, 2021