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With 3Leaps' online marketing service, you will be able to improve the presence of your website on the web and strengthen its presence on search engines. 3Leaps offers low cost search engine optimization service in India. With our SEO service, you will be able to bolster your presence online.

Reinforce Your Brand Presence

Your business is small but it has every potential to make it big in the virtual world. What it lacks is the exposure and this is what you can get with our small business SEO services which are specifically tailored to meet your small budget.

Since your small business is unique, it needs special attention and care. We conduct extensive research to figure out the strength and weakness of your small business and help you get the exposure that you are looking for long. With our small business SEO services, you will be able to see a steady increase in both the number of visitors and leads.

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We will optimize your website and help you get better visibility in major search engines. We follow Google's guidelines while doing online promotion.

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We will do a through analysis of your website before we start working on your project. Our Technical SEO audit is done by seasoned SEO professional.

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We will help you increase ranking of your website in some competitive keywords. You will see gradual improvement in the rankings of your website.

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We have a team of SEO professionals who have over 10 years of experience and that means, we know how to promote your service online.

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SEO is the next Big

Believe it or not, every multinational company has a humble beginning. Even Google has had its beginning in a small garage. So, they can do it why can’t you. You may have a great produce in the offing or a mind-blowing service but as you know unless people can’t find it, it is a complete wastage of effort.

Best SEO Agency for Your Business

You need to reach out to your targeted audience and this is where we excel. Our small business SEO services are developed in line with the requirements of a small business.

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Small Business SEO

There are a number of different factors that determine how well your site ranks. Google has said that they use over 200 different factors to determine how well they rank a website, but they keep their exact methodology a secret. They merely say that website owners who focus on putting good content on their site will rank well. Other search engines use similar algorithms, but they may be a bit different. at 3Leaps we are well aware of these signals and we work hard to make your website comply with these signals so that it starts ranking high.

3Leaps understand that just launching a website is not enough; we go extra miles to ensure that your website manages to drive tons of targeted traffic and that too without spending top dollars on online marketing. Our online marketing service is specifically designed to help people increase the visibility of their website by following search engine optimization guidelines.

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We have a team of SEO experts who have at least 8 years of industry experience. So, we know what we are doing.


Rates of our small business SEO services are highly competitive but we never make any compromise on quality.

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We follow guidelines and we are well versed with latest SEO technologies. We never get involved in shoddy SEO techniques.

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We use premium paid tools to track your website's performance and also we will let you know how your competitors are performing for the same terms.