Technical SEO Audit

Our SEO Audit report is designed to help you improve the visibility of your website on the web by making structural changes in the website. Improve ranks, Get Better visibility.

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❒ Manual SEO Audit of Your Website ❒

With our Technical SEO Audit, you will be able to boost the visibility of your website significantly and that too without increasing the amount spent on online marketing.

SEO Audit service

BIs your website living up to your expectations? Is it performing well on the web? If you don’t have any definite answer to these questions, maybe it is high time that you should opt for our Website Technical SEO Audit service. Rest assured, our Website Technical SEO Audit report will not be generated by some random or some junk software application rather it will be done manually by our seasoned SEO experts and the report will give you an idea why your website is failing to rank high in competitive terms.

Unique Features of Our SEO Audits

  • ❒ Identifying the low hanging SEO fruits so that you can achieve small SEO success within a short span of time.
  • ❒ Identifying the issues that are negatively impacting the users’ experience of your website.
  • ❒ Identifying the SEO errors that are hampering the online growth of your website.
  • ❒ Improving Conversion rate of your website.
  • ❒ Making the website SEO friendly by making structural changes in the website.

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technical SEO audit service

Improve Web Presence with SEO Audit

The objective behind our Technical SEO Audit service is to help business organizations to improve their online presence by fixing all the SEO loopholes in your website. Our technical SEO Website Audit is ideal for those people whose websites are facing some trouble to rank in related search terms or whose websites have got penalized by search engines.

  • Website analysis » We will analyze your website from search engine optimization’s perspective. We will send you complete report as to how to improve the rankings of your website.
  • Competitor Analysis » We will do a comprehensive analysis of your competitors like what keywords they are targeting and why they are ranking high in some keywords etc.
  • Keywords research » We will do a through keywords analysis for your website and send you a report that will contain a list of keywords that you should be using in the content and Meta Data of your website.
  • Setting up 301 Redirection » We will set up all redirection in accordance with the guidelines of Google.
  • Setting up 404 Error Page » We will create a custom 404 error page so that your visitors don’t feel lost if they land on a wrong web page or defunct URL.
  • Website internal linking optimization » We will do comprehensive analysis of your website’s internal linking structure and will make changes so that search engines bots and users can browse through all the pages of your website easily and effortlessly.
  • Canonical issue resolved » In case, your website has internal duplicate content, we will set canonical to fix the issue of internal duplicate content.
  • Body content optimization » We will check the content of the website to make them more search engine friendly. We will also check whether the same content is available in some external website.
  • UI suggestion » We will come up with minor changes in the existing template of your website to improve users interaction and to see higher conversion rate.
  • Robots.txt file creation » We will add robots.txt file and make changes in it to control the way search engines crawl your website.
  • XML and HTML sitemap creation » We will create Sitemap for your website that will only include links of all working URLs. We will create XML sitemap for the search engines and HTML sitemap for the users.
  • Google analytics and Google webmaster set up » We will create accounts in Google analytics and Google webmaster tools and set up everything so that your website gains better visibility online.
  • Image optimization » We will add keywords rich alt tag against the images and we will also change the URL of the images if they need so to improve the overall SEO score of the website.
  • Site Speed check and recommendation » We will send you a complete to-do lists to improve the loading speed of your website. Once you agreed, we will implement those suggestions so that your website gets loaded fast all on devices.
  • Faceted Navigation check » If you have an ecommerce website, we will come up with a set of recommendation that will help you deal with the problem of faceted navigation which is responsible for internal duplicate content in majority of ecommerce websites.
  • Google Sitemap Submission » We will submit XML sitemap of your website to Google and other search engines.
  • HTML code optimization » If the HTML code of your website needs some cleaning up, we will do that too.
  • SEO friendly URL recommendation » If the URL of your website is not search engine friendly or Users friendly, we will make changes in them and will set the redirection accordingly.
  • Jason Code Inclusion » We will include json code to send structured information to the search engine about the relation between your website and your social profiles and also we will inform the search engines about the nature of your business.
  • Microformat Code Inclusion » We will write microformat code for some specific pages that will help your website get some SEO benefits.
  • Preloading » We will make some crucial pages of your website loaded instantly. This will help you impress your visitors and encourage them to browse other sections of your website.
  • ❒ And More

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