Yoga in Busy Schedule

Our life has become complex, if not hectic. We are working mechanically all day long and therefore, it is quite expected that at the end of the day, we all feel stressed out and exhausted. We all have heard the importance of practicing yoga to bring down stress and lead a happy and fulfilling lifestyle but we rarely give it a try citing time constraint.

But if we are to stay fit and happy, you have to get some time out of your busy schedule to attend a yoga class for an hour or two. Ok, we can understand that no amount of persuasion is going to make you follow the path. So, rather than taking time out of your busy schedule, which is almost next to impossible for you, you can take a completely different approach. You can surely incorporate yoga in small increments into your busy day. Wondering how on earth is this possible? Ok, let me tell you how you can do yoga even when you have a packed work schedule –

Do it On the Desk:

Just because your office cubicle does not have enough space does not necessarily mean that you will give the idea of doing yoga exercise a rest. Nope, believe it or not, you can try some great stretches without leaving your cushy desk. If you do not feel like doing a push-up or leaving the comfort of your office chair, Marichyasana a.k.a seated twist is the best thing that you can give a try. Don’t like that pose? Ok, then you can definitely try – Cow Face Pose, technically known as Gomukhasana. However, if you do not mind stretching your entire body, side stretches and backbends are the perfect things that can help you rejuvenate your body and mind.

Yoga breathes Breaks:

The beauty of yoga exercise lies in the fact that you can do it when other forms of traditional exercises are impossible to do. Take for example- Yogic breaths. You can do it anytime, anywhere. You can take deep breaths when you are waiting for your girlfriend, when you are in the midst of an important meeting and even when you are traveling. It calms our mind, helps us control it in fact and has a soothing effect on the nervous system. It may sound crazy but experts are into the belief that you can influence the respiratory rates of others by doing this unique exercise. By taking deep breaths, you will be able to drive more oxygen to your brain and this will keep your brain fresh and active.

Be in Perfect Peace:

The brilliance of Yoga is that it does not always teach you how to stay fit by doing some exercise rather, it also helps you change your perspective to the world. It inspires you to detach you from this materialistic world and finding peace in things small. You need to read Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras to learn how to lead a life of peace and happiness with things that you have already.

Doing Yoga in Lunch Time:

Rather than spending the lunch break time chitchatting with your colleagues, you should try to find a quiet place either in the office atrium or in a park and try out some simple yoga asana. It will take just 5 minutes and at the end of that, you will feel rejuvenated and better. And when you will return office, you will totally energetic and refreshed.