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Matches are Made in Heaven, But We Plan It Here.

You are special and therefore, your wedding should be something special and unique. Count on Company Name to make your weeding truly amazing and spectacular.

Company Name is one of those few Luxury destination wedding & event planners in France that listen carefully to their clients and believe in making their wedding dreams come true. We don’t impose our views on you rather we will ask you to help us create a perfect plan that will make your wedding a truly memorable event.

At Company Name, we don’t discard tradition rather we add more grace and elegant to it so that the attendants feel encouraged to actively participate in the wedding.

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Wedding should be all fun and frolic; not a headache, right? But without getting proper guidance from a professional wedding & event planner, things can go haywire. Since you will be super busy in that special day, you need someone who will be taking care of all small things to make your wedding a grand success.

Our commitment to small details and our earnest endeavor to add more excitement and energy into your big day will make all the difference. Just stay relaxed because we will be taking care of everything be it improving the visual aesthetics of the place or making sure that the guests are feeling comfortable.

We understand the intricacies of the French culture inside out and therefore, we strongly believe that we can add the grace and elegance of the French Culture and Cuisine in your wedding.

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Take a deep breath and relax because it is your wedding and not some random stag party. We will get you involved in every step of the wedding planning so that you can have a fair idea how things will unfold once you enter the podium. You and I together will make it an event of a lifetime.

We understand that arranging a wedding is more than following a certain set of rules or a checklist. It needs to have a humane touch to it otherwise the warmth and passion will be missing. We will work as your partner or maybe your best Friend for this particular event so that everything goes according to your plan. We will listen to your every single suggestion and then incorporate those suggestions in the final draft to ensure a grand success at the end. We will incorporate French traditions and etiquette to give your wedding a distinct French touch.

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I love attending wedding. In fact, I have gatecrashed innumerable weddings just to feel the vibe when I was a kid. Just can’t help it, you know. I have grown up now and but I am still immensely passionate about wedding. So, destination wedding planning is a not just another a job for me, it is a passion. I just love it.

Your wedding should be all about you. We will make sure that you get the center of attention. To be honest with you, the very process of wedding excites my senses and it inspires me to create something unique and inspiring for you in your wedding. Since I love my job, I keep myself saying this – “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”.

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It is not just the wedding that makes me feel alive; rather it is environment and the people that appeal to my senses and encourages me to create a stunning and welcoming environment for all the attendants. Wedding brings out the best in people. In fact, I personally believe that the objective of every wedding planner is to ensure that people having a great time; and this is the secret sauce of success.

In case, you want to get connected with me to know more about my service, please feel free to call me in this no – 888 999 555. Or you can send us a mail and we will take it from there.


We operate with 100% transparency and clarity. Rarely will you find any ambiguity in our process. Unlike other wedding planners, we don’t take commission from vendors. The vendors will send you invoice directly and you will make the payment. It is as simple as that.


Discretion and confidentiality are the two hallmark qualities of our wedding planning service.


We are not going to ask you about your sexual orientation, religious belief or your race. We believe marriage is a bonding between two people that transcend everything that include race, religion and sexual orientation.


We are 100% committed to our job. Everything will go according to the plan no matter what the situations are.


We strongly believe each individual has unique traits and characteristics and which is why we go extra miles to ensure that their individuality gets highlighted in the wedding décor and planning. Your wedding will not a copy-paste version of another random wedding that might have taken place across the street. It will be 100% unique and it will be all about YOU.