Tattoo artists in London

London is home to some of the world’s best and renowned tattoo artists, parlours and studios. Top artists like Mo Coppoletta, Nikole Lowe and Duncan X are among the most demanded here. No matter what you are looking for – larger king size designs or a typically smaller one, it’s time to get inked by these top tattoo studios and most celebrated artists from our London city.

Let’s take you to a multitude of renowned tattoo parlours that have been dotting the streets of this capital and don’t deserve a second thought if tattoos are your passion.

Into You

Famous for various kinds of styles, they have the top artists in London - Tomas Tomas, Higgins, Tass, Alex Binnie, Lucy, Calypso, etc. Opened in the year 1993, this is one of the most sought after studios in London with some of the best tattoo artists working under them. Go for anything that you love – bold tribal designs, black graphics, great shading or anything traditional. They are experts in blending modernity with tradition and come up with new unique designs that are incredibly different and impressive. You have lucky diamond rich, Britney spears, Alexander McQueen and Keith Flint (Prodigy) making frequent visits there. Enjoy a great painless tattoo experience amidst a friendly environment and in a lovely studio.

Address: 144 St John St, London EC1V 4UA, United Kingdom

The Family Business

Just over a decade and they have secured a legendary status in London. As the happy customers say ‘one of the best tattoo studios in London, the country, anywhere!”. They are into different tattoo styles majorly western and oriental iconography and even a mix of both of them. Customers go there because they are famous and hugely reliable. Everything is just perfect here. Located in Exmouth market and having a suited and booted staff is not enough. They have also got the most inviting blood red interior decorated with Roman Catholic imageries – all that’s hugely inspired by the rich Italian heritage of the owner contrasting wonderfully against the bold but beautiful Japanese screens.

Work area and the waiting room are smartly separated from each other. You enjoy privacy as a customer. Suitable for first timers and old timers simultaneously! Make the right choice with this appointment and custom based shop. However, they also welcome walk-ins but treatment preference on subject to availability. Professional and friendly staff.

Address: 58 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE, United Kingdom

George Bone Tattoos

Welcome to the shop with no-nonsense in tattoo making! Go for the amazing styles in tattoo making that includes Japanese, traditional, tribal, etc. George Bone has been operating his tattoo business since 1973 but out of west London. He is the one to go for if you are seasoned rocker and the monotonous designs in tattoo–making seem to test your patience. His ability to design bold and much striking patterns make him a top choice as a tattoo artist (particularly classic tribal). 'Monastically-themed' toilet deserves an extra applause.

You will be impressed with the result as their tattoo designs come out so effortlessly! Afterall, an experience of over 30 years matters. They majorly specialise in tribal tattoos, it being their most renowned area of expertise. Ringo Starr’s daughter, Denise Van Outen and others make frequent visits to this place. If you have been looking for a reliable tattoo and piercing, this is your destination in the city of Kings and Queens!

Address: 58A Boston Rd, London W7 3TR, United Kingdom

Frith Street Tattoo

They have been into this business since 2003 and have hugely contributed to building London’s reputation in its tattoo scene. Their lists of artists include Frank Carter, Gallows singer, etc. Also, some of the world’s best and renowned tattooists like Steve Boltz and Chad Koeplinger keep dropping here in this shop. The sole problem you will face should be in deciding who you should choose. Artists like Stefano C, Stewart Robson, Valerie Vargas, Emiliano Liberatori, Jordan Teear, Oliver Macintosh, Miles Chaperlin, Sarah Carter, etc make your day.

Great and amazing place to be. This is a fantastic shop with all well known artists performing their work on the global level so you know you are relying on the best brand in our city. You will also love the music here! Enjoy your new tattoo! Get enticed! Not for the ones who still couldn’t connect with the idea of tattoo-making completed by the best names!

Good Times

As the name suggests, you will have it – a good time; among female artists in a place that’s more popular with women! They are known for their eclectic style mix with tribal forms giving it a feminine edge that’s lovely and sometimes beyond your imagination! What a great joy to expect the unexpected? Boy George and Kate moss have got themselves tattooed right here by Saira and Nicole. This shop has an environment that’s light, sophisticated and spacious. Welcome to the exotic and bohemian twists with the cross-continental curiosities on the wall. Get enticed with a much inviting multi-ethnic shrine on corners. The studio is unique and impressive in its design and flair and so are the artists.

Lowe from this studio was also featured in ‘London Ink’ – a popular TV series. Go for anything or everything – styles include Japanese, western traditional, Tibetan! Remember - Miles Monaghan for the Japanese tattoo! With the best tattooists in the world, you couldn’t have asked for more – be patient though! Tattoo requisitions are usually lined up – we suppose we just told you, they are doing a good job!

Address: 147 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3QE, United Kingdom

Diamond Jacks

This is one of the oldest and longest tattoo parlours in London which is unpretentious but very impressive. They are known for designing some of the best styles – portrait, Japanese, Rock ’n’ roll-fuelled Americana, traditional and just anything that surprises! Gail Porter, Sex Pistols and Pete Doherty have been making regular visits here. Their walls are all decked up with memorabilia, music and vibrant tattoo flashes.

Stray cats and Dee Dee Ramone used to make frequent visits here in the 80s. Owner Darryl Gates has also designed amazing tattoos for the films like ‘This is England’ and vogue photo shoots. You can also go for body modification services such as a genital beading. Sounds exciting? Delays can be painful! Pop-in to this friendly, exceptional and longest running tattoo parlour in west end of our beautiful London city.

Address: 5 Walker's Ct, London W1F 0BT, United Kingdom

New Wave Tattoo

This one is London’s most famous tattoo studio that attracts many tourists and Londoners annually. They offer huge range of styles in tattoo making right from the Japanese to the mechanical and the most feminine designs. They appeal to a lot of celebrity customers who trust this name in tattoo creation and can’t stay away for long.

With over 20 years of experience in tattoo designing, they have come a long way and are counted among some of the most dependable tattoo studios in our city. Not for the ones who feel a tattoo can’t do much good for enhancing their personality. Artists list include Wayne Grace, Adam Collins, Lal Hardy, Sylvia Zed, Matt Black and Luca Ortis. The Osbornes, Liam Gallagher, Dave Grohl, Patsy Kensit, Mel B, Dermot O’Leary and rest keep visiting this place frequently.

Address: 157 Sydney Road,, London N10 2NL, United Kingdom

Jolie Rouge

They are one of the most preferred and trusted names in tattoo designing in our London. If you are looking for bright, sharp or crisp design or contemporary and new school, look no further. Ask the tattoo creative you trust in the city and you will know why and how this one has made its special place and is held in higher regard by most of them. They have a team that works with a much fresh and ‘streetwise’ attitude.

You will just fall in love with the graffiti-inspired work, gothic candelabras and opulent wallpaper they have in this studio. They are happy in accepting challenges and will easily take up anything that others have rejected. They are fearless and confident in their work. You will just love the professionalism with which they take up each work. Their attitude is different and this is one of the reasons why you have artists like Rey-Chel, Charissa, Matt-Difa and Lord Montana-Blue associated with them. Enjoy the beauty and the expertise in tattoo-making in a family like friendly environment.

Address: 364 Caledonian Rd, London N1 1DU, United Kingdom

Flamin' Eight

Their tattoo styles and designs are popular not just in London but also worldwide and their customers are not just limited to Londoners who love getting tattooed. They work on new school, Japanese traditional, etc. They put huge focus on custom and large-scale pieces. They started with a mediocre looking purple shop that seems to have matured and grown in business and one that has turned into a surprisingly beautiful tattoo studio today. A gem in London, they have a hard-working, experienced and dedicated team that are also talented and friendly.

They have a huge range of choices in tattoo art to pick from and before you get confused, they come forward to assist you in the tricky job. What’s more? Tattoo area is surrounded by vast collection of curios and oddities. Affordable with pricing starting from £50. By the way, they don’t share their high profile client lists so you have to just go and check on yourself why they are counted among the best. They are friendly, creative and customers always feel welcomed. Want to cover your whole back, leg or arm? Go for it!

Address: 2 Castle Rd, Camden Town NW1 8PP, United Kingdom


Another hidden gem in tattoo-making is located in the hackney road of our London. This one from the east of London is very well known for traditional tattoos. They are a trusted name in the world of tattoo-designing with unique and innovative designs that have rocked David Dimbleby too. They also have a clean cut studio out there with a team expert in individual body art. You get to work on your tattoo design with a superb graphic designing effort to help you create exceptional and top-notch masterpieces that only tattoo lovers can understand or relate to!

This wonderful and high-end tattoo parlour and studio in our London city works on your vision – no matter how big or small it is! Be prepared to get yourself tattooed in the best environment and designs that will freaking transform your body and blow off your senses! You get the huge range of styles to pick from – traditional, tribal, Japanese, black and grey and anything that comes to your mind is converted into reality right here! Thanks to the world-class specialist artists they have been working with, in a nice atmosphere; serious professionalism but friendly staff. Final output is better than your imagination. They are much occupied during Christmas and New Year.

Address: 471 Hackney Rd, London E2 9ED, United Kingdom

Cloak and dagger

Opened in 2013 in east London, this is one tattoo studio that doesn’t deserve a miss – only for the tattoo lovers! They have huge array of styles and designs to choose from but something or the other for the customer range to suit every taste! You can choose from over 10 tattoo artists in this welcoming and relaxed environment and just one of them is Al Boy, known for his quality traditional tattoos; you will just love the creative twist given on the finish! Marine or Native Americans themes – you ask for it and they go for it! Splash of good combination of colours for an outstanding final output. Find it just off brick lane! Great place to be – particularly for the first timers!

Address: 34 Cheshire St, London E2 6EH, United Kingdom

Hammersmith Tattoo London

Reliable for black and grey tattoo designs and among their best artists, Janis Kinens is the one to first try out for! He also bagged an award in Portsmouth for his black and grey tattooing skills. For a tattoo that matches and reflects your taste and personality! Ivan Bor is another recommendation for gothic designs. Great customer service and they also have private rooms for the ones who demand privacy! Enough for you to attend?

Address: 3 North End Rd, Hamersmith, London W14 8ST, United Kingdom


Perfect tattoo studio in north London to get your inks! Professional service and friendly environment; also known for its quality tattoo styles and designs by expert artists! Looking for a revamp on an old tattoo? Get a legitimate cover-up here. Steve Richardson should be your top choice for a traditional specialist. Nervous first timers - drop in quickly!

Address: 11 Chapel Market, London N1 9EZ, United Kingdom

You get enough encouragement for tattoo-making in our London city - right from making the leap to getting the final ink. Don’t risk yourself over the wrong ones – because the right ones are very well deserving, affordable and well located. Tattoo artists in London understand the form and style of the artwork you desire and can always help you achieve the right look! Look no further.