Strange Traffic Laws

Hopefully, you have heard the saying – “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. But give it a deep thought and you will definitely find a fallacy in this statement. How on earth, you are going to behave like the Romans while you stay at Rome unless you have not visited it earlier? So, that simply means, you need to broaden your mind and knowledge and gain some experience so that you can stay clear of any trouble while traveling abroad. But what if, you find yourself behind the bar or paying a hefty sum for breaking some rules that appear totally absurd to you or to any stranger. Yes, bizarre things can befall when you are traveling abroad. Of course, you are not going to get hanged for killing an ant or staring at a beautiful young woman. But yes, there are some bizarre traffic rules exist in different countries that can seriously make you feel uncomfortable. Wish to have a look at some of them? Here they go:

It is a tale of Cape Town

It may happen that you are driving in a high way in Cape Town and suddenly you see a man leading a flock of ostriches and waving his hands at you. Yeah, these people are very friendly and you will have the feeling to wave back. Hold on a second. Take a look around, do you see a cop standing there? I hope you do, ok get ready for a fine for breaking traffic rule. Now, do not give that blank look. You have broken a traffic rule by not letting that jolly guy cross the road with his ostriches even after the signals you by waving his hand. Hopefully, I have managed to enlighten you why you are made to pay the fine.

Be Eco-Friendly in Germany

Some German cities have implemented strict auto-emission rules that require any car entering these cities to have window stickers to be placed on them. Now the cost of such stickers may anything in between $7.50 to $30 but failure to comply with this rule would cost you a fine worth of $60. But you might be wondering what if you are driving a rented car and have mistakenly entered any of the cities with such strict auto-emission rules implemented. Dude ignorance is no excuse here.

Do not Splash The Pedestrians in Japan

As I have said earlier that people of Japan are very polite [did I miss out on this before?], you have to be very cautious while driving through a small lane. Do not splash and sock unsuspected pedestrians and if you do, you will be charged under a driving bylaw known as “muddy driving”. So if you are driving after a rainstorm, be very careful unless you do not mind shelling out $65.

Have Emergency Equipment in Turkey

We know that it is good to have things like a fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, and other equipment in our car’s trunk. But when you are renting a car, do you need to care for them? Yes, you do if you are driving in Turkey. If you are caught without this equipment, you have to pay heavily for them.

Remember and respect history while in Italy

You simply cannot drive your vehicle straight into a historic city center without having prior permission from the authority. And sometimes, roads are so treacherous that you may find yourself violating multiple traffic rules for taking a single wrong turn. So stay alert while driving in Italy.