The Changing Face Of Travelling

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The Changing Face Of Travelling

Like everybody around, I like travelling a lot and thanks to my profession [did I tell you that I am travel writer?] I do not have to buy freedom from my boss every time I have an urge to pack the bags and baggage and go for a short tour. Do you know the life of a traveler? Yeah I can see you muttering that it is full of excitement, adrenalin pumping activities, getting closers to nature and all those usual blah blah blah. Yes, travelling is certainly full of excitement, no way to deny the truth, but not all the time. With the rapid development in the field of technology, travelers are now being plagued with a different breed of problem. They have to bear with information overload which taking away the charm and romanticism associated with visiting a new place, exploring its beauties and feeling its greatness.

Technology All Around

Ok, if you cannot understand what I am driving at, let me explain this in simple English. It took place just couples of weeks ago. I was on a trip to Singapore and was waiting in the airport to catch my flight. And then out of the blue I suddenly realized that everyone around is on their laptops, tablets or any other electronic devices. I looked around and found that people were either taking shots and getting them posted in Flickr, checking the location in Google Maps or browsing TripAdvisor for deals and all that. I have no problem with these activities, in fact I can take them as normal human behavior in this 21st century. But honestly speaking, it irks me when I see that people instead of relishing the moment, busy in texting or chatting with friends and making them aware of the fact that he/she is right in the midst of a colorful countryside or whatever it is.

You are not Unplugged

Do you know what makes travelling a blissful moment? Yes, it lets you rewind, rejuvenate and helps you stay away from the complexities of earthly life even for a while or two. But thanks to massive growth in the technology front, we are finding all the more difficult to unplug ourselves from the system. Most of us have smartphones with internet connectivity and that means, there is no way you can escape from the harsh reality. So, you can always expect a phone call from your boss when you are warming yourself up for a bungee jump, or you may need to check an important mail and reply it when you are in an African Safari. This is what technology has come to. We are always plugged to the system and there is way we can ignore it.

Too much information, too much noise

Here I am not pinning for the good old days. Of course not; how can I, because my job would be a hell lot tough if I do not have access to Internet. How on earth a travel writer would be able to send well researched articles along with images if he/she is sent back to the days of post cards and telegraphs? The thing is technology is taking away the very essences of travelling that is Excitement, Thrill and Passion.

Earlier when you were travelling a place; you virtually had no idea about the place, the hotels or the people. But now thanks to TripAdvisor and its likes, you can have all the details about the place, its people etc even before you visit that place physically. Even now you can check things like how the staff of the hotels behave, what types of food they offer and all that thanks to the review websites. Of course advice from people who have actually traveled that place mean a lot for me and you and it is definitely a priceless thing. But still, there is no way you can be certain that these reviews are genuine or whether or not these people have actually checked in those places.

In short, the deluge of information, though helping us innumerable ways, is at the same time confusing us. But it is our responsibility to stay out of this noise and keep exploring the beauties of nature while travelling.

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