Taking Care of Thick Hair

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Taking Care of Thick Hair

OMG, OMG, you have got naturally thick hair. How lucky you are. So, everyone go green with envy whenever they behold the beauty of your naturally thick hair that makes men go down on their knees. But I know how difficult it is for you to maintain that thick hair and how much time consuming it is to retain its sensational appeal. Luscious locks are very much prone to get tangled and if you are not taking care of it, you are sure to make a mess of it. So, to simplify your task, here I am going to share some tips that worth a shot:

Pick the Perfect One

Market is getting flood with beauty product but not all of them are good for dealing with your messy hair. However, this does not mean that you should be trying all kinds of mousses, pomades or gels in your quest for the perfect hair care product. Nope, this is not going to work. You need to have a talk with a beauty consultant before you go wild. And you need to know how to use these products. You need to rub that thing no matter whether it is shampoo or hair conditioner or whatever it is. It will make it easier for you to distribute that thing evenly through your hair.

Keep Them Clean Baby:

I know it makes you feel great when you caress your hair by your fingers while shampooing. But using shampoo every day is not good for the health of hair. Three times a week is enough for your thick hair. Now, if your hair is not that strong, you should be applying cold water while washing off shampoo. You can easily find shampoos that are specifically designed for dry hair. They help your hair fight against frizziness.

Know How to Dry It:

Most girls do not know how to dry their hair. They all rub their hair with towel but this is worst thing that you can do with your hair. You need to pat your hair gently with the towel. Though I know by heart air drying is the best way out there, it may not work well for thick hair people like you since it can take hours to dry properly. So, here is a good piece of advice – try to wet or condition your hair in the early evening so that you will get ample time to get it air-dry. If you wish to make your hair look sleek and shiny, you can use gel but before that you need to scrunch it with a towel or even better if you can use old T-shirt.

Brushes, No Please:

Hair experts are of the opinion that brushing your hair could lead to frizziness and for that reason, you need to put your trust on the traditional wide-toothed comb.

Try Conditioner:

Conditioners as experts believe is good for the health of your hair and that being said, you are free to use leave-in conditioner once a week that will help you keep your hair in good shape.

Get it Protected:

I know since it is not always possible for you to avoid exposure to harmful elements, you need to know how to minimize their effects. You can try sunscreen conditioner that is said to protect your hair from tangles and dryness. Using a scarf and hat on rough weather can also help you protect your hair in innumerable ways.

Trim, if it is Needed:

If your hair is too long and unmanageable, you can always trim them a bit to keep them in good shape.

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