Securing a Magento Website

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Securing a Magento Website

Magento is certainly one of the most powerful ecommerce platforms and it is going to strength to strength with every passing years thanks to the addition of some cool new features.

The market share of Magento, as some believe, stands at 26%, which is by any yardstick impressive. Therefore, it can be safely said that people who are considering launching an ecommerce store, will have Magento in their mind before anything else.

But just like any other platforms, Magento has its share of disadvantages. For example, if you are not careful enough, your Magento website might get hacked. But with these following security practices, you can stop people from harming your website –

Two Factors Authentication

No matter how strong password you are using, your Magento ecommerce is not safe. Hackers can easily break into the system and create chaos. Therefore, it makes sense that you are using two-factor authentication for your Magento store. Now, if you don’t know beans about how to set up two-factor authentication, you would not have to worry as there are quite a few extensions available that can help you do that. Rublon seems to be a great extension that can help you set up two-factor authentication. Two-Factor Authentication by Extendware is another extension that deserves a mention here.

Use the latest Version

Don’t be lazy. You need to keep your store’s Magento version updated all the time. Updated version always comes loaded with better security features and makes it a tough job for hackers to break into the system. If you keep using updated version of Magento, you are making it easy for hackers to ravage your store. Of course, before updating the version of Magento, you need to keep a backup of your store.

Use of Secure FTP

The stupidest thing that you can do a Magento store owner is uploading files via an unsecured FTP. Intercepting an unsecured FTP is a cakewalk for a hacker; don’t make thing easy for him. You need to use SFTP and it is mandatory to use secure password.

Use Strong Password

Please for Christ’s sake don’t use password like 123 or abc because that is a stupid thing to do. You need to come up with strong password that should consist with special characters, upper case, number, lower case etc. Make it tough for hackers to guess or break into.

Have a backup Plan

As we all know, no matter how hard you might try, things can go wrong. So, even after taking every possible precaution to ensure safety of ecommerce store, hackers may get access to your website. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have a backup of your website on your machine’s hard drive. This will save your future hassle.

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