Protecting Hairs During Winter

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Protecting Hairs During Winter

December has arrived and unless the world ends this month, we have to brace for another chilling winter. Since another winter is unavoidable, I hope you have a plan ready to keep your hair in good shape so that it can weather the onslaughts of winter. Winter is ruthless in its attacks; it whips your hair hard and makes it messy. In addition, if this is not enough, the warm and dry indoor aggravate the situation further. So, I hope it is quite clear that you need to have a plan ready to beat the blues of winter and make it go easy on your hair:

Give it Protection:

Since the cold weather is going to take all the moisture out of your hair, you should not even think about using hot tools because this will do more harm than good. I hope you are not making a plan to air dry your hair during the upcoming chilling cold weather. It is very unrealistic. And do not even think of going out of your home in wet hair because this will cause the freezing of the strands and eventually lead to hair loss. Use towel and pat you hair gently with it; please for god’s sake do not rub your hair with something dry. And make a point that you are going to apply heat-protecting product on your hair before you give a try at hair dryer.


As the winter season has stepped in, you need to make some changes in your usual hair care products. Try moisturizing conditioners and shampoos as these moisturizing ingredients get activated when they come in contact with water and provide the much needed nourishment to your perching hair.

Don the hat but with care:

I know how tempting it is to don a hat and make yourself appear more stylish. There is nothing wrong with this practice but you need to follow some simple and easy to follow rules. For say, you should never wear a hat if your hair is not dry. Make sure your hair is dry; otherwise, it would have negative consequences. Shake your hair with your fingers properly as soon as you take off your hat. If you really care for your hair, you can always brush it properly or spray something on it to give it shiny new look.

Do not use static Charge:

It feel really awesome cozying up before the fireplace and feeling the warmth of the crackling logs. However, when you feel that hair is also crackling because of the static electricity, it does not make you smile. During dry weather, electrons gets built up on our hair and therefore when you run your fingers through it, it causes frizzness and sometimes may lead to hair loss. So, it makes senses that you should keep dryer sheets with you all time and whenever you have the feeling to run your fingers through your hair, just rub your hands on the dry sheet. A simple trick and easy to follow.

What About the Split Ends:

I know how much you despise those split ends and fraying tips but there is no way to escape especially during the cold times. The only way you can fix these fraying tips is by trimming your hair every six to seven weeks. During this period, you can apply hydrating conditioning that will go a long way to prevent damage of your hair to a great extent.

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