Frankfurt Airport

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Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is definitely one of the most prominent airports in Germany and as far as the statistics are concerned Frankfurt Airport is considered to be one of the busiest airports in Europe. If we go by the total number of passengers, it stands 3rd in the world just after Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and London Airport.

We must not forget the fact that Frankfurt is not the capital of Germany, not even it is considered as the largest city in Germany but still, it is the busiest airport in the country. There are some reasons behind it. Most of them are economic reasons like – Frankfurt is considered as the epicenter of all financial activities in Germany and most economists consider this city as the financial capital of India. However, there are other reasons too. Before the unification of East and West Germany, Frankfurt was considered to be located at the center of West Germany. This unique geographical advantage adds to its popularity. Another major advantage of Frankfurt Airport is the availability of high speed train network that makes it easier for people to reach the airport without getting stuck in traffic.

Lufthansa has chosen Frankfurt Airport as its hub of nation and international operation and therefore, it is no surprise that Frankfurt Airport came to being one of the busiest airports in the world. This airport spread across sprawling 21 square kilometers areas. It has two terminal, extensive logistics facilities and four runways. Approximately 65 million passengers use this airport every year to travel. It is also the airport that has flights covering the most international destinations. As of now, this airport has served 264 destinations that spread across 113 countries.

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