Cool CSS Tools

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Cool CSS Tools

Are you feeling getting crushed under the work pressure? Do you feel that you cannot take any more? Well, in that case, do not be in a hurry to leave your day job. There are ways out and believe me they do work wonder. Now, I am not supposed to give you any fresh shit about how to be super creative in your regular design work. I have no such intension. Well my prescription is simple. Just try to figure out how to get things done quick and you would not have to be Spiderman for that. There are some cool CSS tools available that you can easily give a try and believe me they are not going to cost you a penny. So, let them review by me for you creative.


Though this particular tool is not meant for advance level users though, it can come in handy for newbie. This tool is great for creating a basic layout and if you are not good at it, you would not have to bother much since there are loads of pre-made templates available to choose from. Apart from that, you can add images or any other graphic elements and there you go. A dropdown list is there and there you can find some other cool features to get your hands dirty. And the best part, it offers support to different languages.

CSS Template Generator:

Those of you who are finding templatr is a bit complex to get the hang on it, CSS Template Generator may come to your rescue. This is definitely not water down version of templatr and it has a host of cool features that. It will generate a basic stylesheet basing on the HTML template and all you need to do is to copy and paste that thing in your website. Dearth of download option is certainly a serious drawback of this tool.

Variable Grid System:

Are you a grid lover? If yes, Variable Grid System is you ‘man’. You may love it or hate it but there is no denying of the fact that this is the only available Grid system that comes with so many jaw-dropping features. With this tool, you can easily generate a CSS styles and get it download. Definitely this tool is going to save a lot of your productive hours. You can change the variables as you wish and it will get reflected automatically. Once you are at peace with the look and feel of the template, you can generate CSS style.


Looking for a sophisticated and more refined grid based tool? Gridinator is the way to salvage. Its interface comes stuffed with features innumerable. There are options to modify font sizes, colors and layouts and you can have the preview of the layout before get that thing download.


This is not a grid generator but it contains useful information about grid systems. A wonderful learning experience is waiting for you at 960gs. You can even download some sample templates and there are some great examples of websites where the grid formula has been implemented. You can find some cool javaScript there if you are in luck and hopefully, it will make your entire learning experience truly enjoyable.


Finding the perfect color combination can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful design project. And as obvious it takes a lot of doing and hard work to get the perfect color combination but with Kuler, you can ease this work incredibly. There are over 11.000 color schemes available and there are options to customize them.

CSS Menu Maker:

This is another cool tool that lets you create and customize your very own CCS menus and get them generated in simple and standard HTML/CSS format. Just choose the perfect menu from the vast available list and get it downloaded in a jiffy. Different varieties of CSS menus are available that include dropdown, vertical and horizontal and there are myriads of options to customize them in details.

Font Tester:

Tired of testing different fonts in Photoshop to find the One that complements the theme and look of the design? Font Tester is the answers to all your problems. Here you will get different fonts to try on the template to figure out which font is doing wonder. Some of the popular options are unicode bidi, white space, font stretch, word spacing etc.

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