Best All In One PCs

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Best All In One PCs

Just when all us have started moralizing on the possible bleak future of the bulky PCs, they made a strong comeback and are giving laptops a run of their money. Though laptops or tablets will always have the upper hand over PCs because of the portability and power backup features, new age PCs are making an inroad into the rival bastion by shedding weights significantly and by making them look really gorgeous and elegant. Yes, we are referring the all in one PC series that have taken the tech world by storm and the good thing is that they are adding features after features to keep the momentum and keep intact interest of the visitors. This is probably the reason why the market is getting flooded with different species of All In One PCs. Here we are going to dissect some of the best species of PCs to make your task easier when you are in the hunting mood. Lets start hunting:

Apple iMac 27-inch, 3.1GHz, spring 2011

Apple is a born winner. Here in this segment, Apple iMac 27-inch is a winner by any yardstick. It offers robust performances thanks to its Core i5 CPU processor that makes multi tasking a breeze. Its impressive look is somewhat taken for granted. This beast is best for digital editing task that makes most of the PCs unresponsive. It comes loaded with a high-end 3D card and therefore, it is the perfect treat for serious media editors.

HP Omni 200 5380qd

This is a no fluff no fuss PC and it has no dashing features. So it is a product for hardcore professionals who need a PC which is very good at doing basic tasks with surprising accuracy. HP Omni 200 5380qd is a perfect delight to work on. Gamers can opt for this lighter version of traditional PC for enjoying solid performance and that too without putting too much pressure on your pocket. A pocket friendly PC and so, we hope you would not mind the absence of Touch screen. A larger display would be great to spice up the gaming experience but its current portfolio of features is not that bad given its competitive pricing. Once you are at it, you can feel that it is not that fragile as you have expected. The device is built around Intel Core i5 CPU and that means, performance will never be an issue. Stellar performance is somewhat guaranteed with it.

HP TouchSmart 610q 1065qd

This is another great product from house of HP. Like any other HP products, expectations are quite high. This PC has embraces the touch screen and that means, you would not have fret about the missing factor any longer. Adjustable stand is an excellent addition and without stretching the truth, it is the main USP of HP TouchSmart 610q 1065qd. It promises high performance level coupled brilliant graphics and these all have made it a gamer perfect haven. Touch interface is highly sensitive and intuitive. HP has played around the concept of entertainment with this PC by adding two individual HDMI inputs that will let you integrate it with other entertainment devices.

Dell Inspiron One 2305

A complete package from the school of Dell. It has almost everything you can imagine. It has got HDMI, Blu-ray, superior design and brilliant graphics card. It is best for home entertainment as it comes loaded with large display, superior performance, 8 GB of memory and AMD Athlon 2.3 GHz. Though the processor lacks the wow effects, 1 TB hard drive makes it up when it comes to delivering high level of performance.

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