Apple iPhone 4 – A Close Look

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Apple iPhone 4 – A Close Look

iPhone 4 may looks small but it is no such small device to make a review. It has so many features, so many variations and upgradations that people like me find it overwhelmingly difficult to figure out where to start and where to end. So far, iPhone 4 like the rest of its clan is a hugely successful product that has almost everything underits belt – anticipation, uproar, rumor and feedbacks. But we need to cut through these complexities to find out what are the new features that make Apple iPhone 4 so unique and awesome.


The new iPhone 4 has undergone a complete if not drastic industrial design overhaul. The new refreshing look and feel of the iPhone 4 have probably got its inspiration from its ambition to create a different product without making any kind of deviation from its tradition. The new iPhone 4 looks more classy and sophisticated and even Jobs has not praised this idevice for its supercool look. Though there is no denying of the fact that the new iPhone 4 has lost its previous curves, it still looks hot and sexy thanks to its detailed look. In simple English, iPhone 4 has got some serious overhaul like and it is basically made up of three parts – two small pieces of glasses which ar really smooth and a stainless steel band and all these together made up something that is known as iPhone 4.


This is another front where iPhone 4 scores higher than its previous versions. Most of us aware of the fact that iPhone 4 got some powerful display properties that include 960 x 640 IPS screen, LED backlit and other properties that give scaffolding to its display. Its display manages 326ppi pixel density which is almost insane and there is an additional 800:1 contrast ratio that ensures a pleasurable viewing experience. You can hardly find another device giving you such level of detailed and clear picture like this.


This is bone of contestation since it is one of those few areas where Apple has not done any considerable innovation. Though it is highly unlikely of Apple, you need to learn the art of being satisfied with a five megapixel shooter and a VGA camera at the front. It seems Apple has to go a long way to make improvement specially in this section.


Like always, multitasking is a breeze with iPhone 4. However, the non availability of third party application is still a huge downer for iPhone enthusiasts but there are some applications that deserves attention of those who are proponents of multi tasking. Still there is no denying of the fact iPhone 4 is that much ideal for multi tasking and Apple has its own reasons for that. It believes that multi tasking puts too much pressure on battery and has overall impacts on performance level on the long run but the fetish for multitasking is not showing any sign of slowing down.

Battery life

Battery life of iPhone 4 has been so far outstanding as far as the reports are concerned. You can easily take it for a long drive and it will give you a stunning 38 hours batter life at a stretch. And I am asking you to keep the iPhone in idle mode either. You can talk fairly for long hours and can have chit chat over gmail and the batter will give you constant support no matter what.

So, judging by some its features, iPhone 4 is a remarkable product that deserves to be on your wish list.

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