Utility Service Detection

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Utility Service Detection

Whenever you come across a situation that may necessitate the digging of ground you will almost always face the risk of damaging any wires or pipes. This will not only prove to be expensive, it may also be very dangerous. Damage to electrical power lines may cause electrocution or fires. There is a chance that a gas line may explode or a broken pipe may cause water to trap workers underneath the surface or cause damage to a trench. What you may need is an Underground Utility Detection service that provides you the exact location as well as depth of the utility line so that you can continue with your task without any kind of interruptions. Util-Locate is one such service that gives 97% accuracy when it comes to utility service detection.

How it works

An Underground Service Detection company usually has all the equipment needed to penetrate the surface of the earth in a non-invasive manner. This includes GPRs and electromagnetic sensors. These kinds of equipment give out signals that detect the presence of wires and pipes, helping the technicians in drawing up a map of such a location that also contains the depth of each and every utility. Usually utility lines up to a depth of say 13 feet can be detected through such equipment.

Many construction companies, contractors who take up projects of house renovations and telephone companies that need to dig the ground to lay the telephone or broadband lines may benefit from the services of an Underground Utility Detection Company. All they need to do is contact such a service before they start digging the ground. Knowing the exact locations as well as the depths of the utility lines will enable them to place their structures or foundations appropriately. Such services may even help in relocating utility lines by identifying the perfect spots that will cause no disturbance to machine operators or workers.

Benefits of Utility Service Detection Companies:

Underground service detection companies can provide a lot of benefits, some of which are as follows:

  • Better Planning: By giving you the exact location of the utilities, such a service helps you in planning better
  • Reduced Costs: Such a service will help you avoid costs that pertain to repairing of utility wires or pipes that might get damaged during the process of digging.
  • Minimizing Dangers: The dangers related to electrocutions, gas-line explosions, sewage pipe damage or sudden release of water may be completely minimized or even avoided by using a good utility locator service
  • Faster Completion of Tasks: A Utility locator service may help you in reducing the time needed to complete the task of digging as the examination part will be done by them using state-of-the-art equipment that makes the task faster and easier. As your planning will be accurate, the errors will be minimized, which will eliminate the need for reworks or repairs if any.

Util-Locate can make things very easy and beneficial for you in case you want to carry out any kind of project that involves digging into the ground. All you need to do is get in touch with us and let us know your requirement. We will make sure you get top quality service at competitive rates.

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