Next Generation Antivirus Software

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How next generation antivirus software can safeguard your PC

There was a time mass concern regarding PC security was not as high as it is today! You could invest in free antivirus software and remain assured for a period of time for safety from malware and various threats. However, the scenario has changed a lot in last decade. With time, people making various kind of malware have smartened up considerably. This explains why several instances of malware breaching security of computers of celebs and even Govt organization are being reported. To tackle evolving and unforeseen types of malware, security firms are coming up with next generation security solutions.

Lapses in prevalent PC security solutions

There is no denying the grim reality your regular antivirus software can also be affected by bugs, albeit really advanced ones. The revelation by Google Project Zero of Symantec consumer and enterprise security solutions being vulnerable to malware made headlines. That prompted response from the company and updates were provided but those included manual installation-something all users won’t be able to do. The truth is Symantec is not the only one to be blamed. Security solutions from eliding antivirus companies like McAfee and Kaspersky Lab have also been found to be vulnerable by Project Zero.

While PC security firms are back to drawing board it will take some time for them to come up with newer security solutions. Meanwhile average PC users need to update and patch their existing software. Regular updates provided by the security firm are not just enough. As a user, you must update yourself about newer and emerging threats and try to obtain fix from your antivirus vendor. This will seriously reduce chances of your computer getting infected. Sometimes, Security firms make delay in coming up with patches for newer strains of malware.

Future of PC security

As per security experts, the future PC security solutions need to be developed with a multi tier approach to cope with changing malware and threats. The multi layer approach comprises of vigilant updates, artificial intelligence and bug bounties etc.

A number of PC antivirus makers acknowledge the need to be innovative to tackle newer malware threats. Carbon Black purchased Confer, a “next-generation” AV venture while SparkCognition unveiled DeepArmor to work on advanced artificial intelligence techniques. Machine learning algorithms and behavioural reactions are what these firms are focusing on. Some leading PC security entities are collaborating with external talents in security research community to make their solutions robust. Kaspersky Lab has resorted to this route. Security solution code sharing opens room for debates but greater collaboration definitely leads to robust products.

While terms like advanced threat protection and “endpoint protection platform” may replace the word antivirus in next gen PC security solutions, some loopholes will be there. This is what BeyondTrust, a noted cyber security consulting firm believes in. After all, all security software coding is done by humans and people do make mistakes at times.

Carbon Black feels behavioural analytics is what security companies should stress on to counter newer and emerging malware types. Initial tests indicate that behavioural analytics tactics help identify more percentage of malware than what regular PC antivirus products are capable of.

The next gen PC security solutions should be designed to run seamlessly across different platforms in workplace environment too. This is necessary because companies run PC network involving computers running Mac OS, windows, Chrome OS and Linux at same time. These new security solutions should be built on a core that can be deployed on various OS platforms smoothly. Using Cloud based analytics

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