New Home Extension

No, you don’t have to sell your house and move to a new location in case your family needs more space. At XYZ Builder, we understand that it is not possible for all Londoners to purchase new properties as their pricing has skyrocketed recently. Thankfully, with our new home extension plan, you don’t have to take that difficult financial decision. Our team of builders and architects will get in touch with you to understand your requirements and then we will come up with a precise and professional extension plan. When the extension is done right, it can add more space to your existing home and at the same time, it can add more value to your property.

We work on a wide variety of extension projects. It does not matter whether you want to add a new room or expand your kitchen, we can deliver the best solution without charging you excessively for that. If you want us to get rid of a wall or add an extra pillar to give support to your extension project, you can get in touch with us without any hesitation.

After analyzing your requirements, our builders and architects will come up with an extensive plan that your meet your budget precisely. Our extension plan will abide by the rules and regulations of your local council.