Motorola Cliq 2 review

Although the earlier Motorola Cliq model has done pretty well, on the basis of value judgement Motorola Cliq 2 has not been that satisfactory. No doubt, the design is impressive with an exceptional


Motorola Cliq 2 measuring 4.56X2.34X0.57 inches is rather heavy compared to the earlier Cliq lineups. It has reproduced some features like the slider keyboard, placement of external buttons and ports along the edges. But the rounded corners have enhanced the slim feel. The 3.4-inch display brings awesome image quality with 854x480 pixels resolution. A few minor accessories like accelerometer, light sensor, proximity sensor have added to its appeal.

The smallish touch controls will not dishearten you as they are responsive and you need not go home screen to find call menu, dial pad, main menu and phone book. The rubber-coated large keys feel good to type and your eyes need not strain to maintain accuracy. Another positive factor behind the attractive and user-friendly outlay is the use of Froyo (android 2.2) that support Swype feature. But the virtual onscreen keypad is identical to any other onscreen keypad on Android platform.

But this Motorola set has dished out other features that will grab the attention of users how count on shortcuts more than the usual navigation mode. Shortcut options are available for switching over your connection between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Shortcut routes are allowed to music player widget and Google search bar. Voice dialing facility over Bluetooth is another highlight of the functionality. Even getting access to social media networks like Facebook and Twitter and having useful information are not an issue.

In addition, the phonebook capacity is fairly impressive as every contact saved records additional information like e-mail addresses, an instant-messaging handle, street addresses, a URL, nickname, birthday and anniversary. Furthermore, you have the liberty to save contacts in groups along with their photos and a distinct ring tone from the 55 polyphonic ring tones.


The Motorola Cliq 2's outer case may appear to have been over-utilized to accommodate different features like camera, flash, power control, 3.5mm headset jack, Micro-USB, charger port, volume rocker, ring silencer switch let's take a breath! Moreover, smartphone user will seek for more shortcut keys than Motorola Cliq 2 offers. The virtual keypad has not been improved over the earlier model. Another funny thing about Cliq 2 is that you need to remove the battery cover to get to the microSD card slot.