Makeup Brushes – 5 Ways To Keep Them Perfect

Makeup gives you confidence, it enhances your social stature. As important it is to choose the right colors to match your skin tone, it is equally, if not more important, to pay attention to application. You will get a picture perfect finish only when the application is right and for this purpose, you need to be armed with the right brushes. Using correct brushes are crucial for getting the perfect look. In fact, every woman should have eight types of makeup brushes in her kit. However, concentrating on the application is just not enough. You also have to take care of the brushes so that every time you use them, their bristles are in perfect shape. Let us take you through a 5-step regime to keep your makeup brushes in perfect shape.

Keep Your Brushes Clean

It is very important that you use clean brushes and that can be achieved when you wash the brushes at least once a month. Do not forget to clean the brushes as soon as you purchase them in case there is any chemical coating on the bristles. You can also use organic baby shampoo to clean brushes. There are two types of brushes you could be using – those made of real hair and the ones with synthetic threads. Remember that the purpose of washing the brushes is to remove any chemical buildup that can cause harm to your skin.

Store Brushes Properly

First of all, never store brushes without air-drying them first. Brushes should always be kept away from direct sunlight and dust. Make it a habit to roll up each brush separately with a brush roll or keep them standing with the bristles upon a cup. You can use leather or cotton brush rolls but never put the brushes in air-tight plastic containers. Remember that your storing method should be such that the shape isn’t spoilt.

Right Product-Brushes Combination

Makeup products should be used with different and the right brushes. This strategy will also increase the longevity of the brushes. Since brushes with natural hair are highly absorbent, it is best to use them with dry formulas such as powders. On the other hand, synthetic brushes which are less absorbent than natural brushes should be used with liquid products.    

Stroke With Light Hands

The best way to judge a good make-up artist is to observe her technique of application. A good artist will never have an aggressive hand. It is imperative to stroke with a light hand while applying makeup. When you harshly use a brush to apply makeup, the bristles will tend to spread and bend. Hair will fall off the brush, resulting in uneven application. On the other hand, a light-hand application helps to blend the make-up easily and also keeps the brush in good health.

Prefer Using Synthetic Brushes

This point is quite simple – synthetic brushes last longer. They are made of nylon or taklon and are great for applying liquids. They also wear and tear less and handling them is far easier.