Diabetes and Weight Loss

Deadly diabetes can affect both young and adult. The disease comes with a significant mortality rate because of its several microvascular and macrovascular complications which include neuropathy, retinopathy, nephropathy, and cardiovascular problems. Diabetes type 2 is less dangerous compared to type 1. Usually, people in mid-forties suffering from health and weight problems develop type 2 diabetes symptoms. So, you can expect to prevent or get a cure from type 2 by following a proper weight management program. However, first, it is important to measure your body mass index (BMI). It will tell you whether you have any risk of developing diabetes in the near future. In case the BMI is not normal, you should approach an expert for controlling diabetes.

Diabetes versus Weight Loss

Many factors can be considered as stimulant or sources for diabetes. However, researches have confirmed that obesity is the primary factor responsible for diabetes and its complications. Statistical analysis shows more than ninety percent of people across the globe suffering from diabetes type 2, carry an excess body weight. It has also been scientifically proved how weight loss can contribute to controlling this form of diabetes. This is the main reason why the diabetes association in America is constantly spreading awareness of obesity and its harmful effects on diabetic patients.   

Importance of Weight Loss

Weight loss in itself reduces several worries apart from tackling diabetes type 2. You should realize that excess weight affects overall health, self-confidence, and your activity and energy levels to a great extent. However, a balanced diet and regular exercise can help you towards your goal of proper weight management and fight against diabetes type 2. You must also understand the fact that weight loss helps to lower hypertension and high cholesterol level, two other factors contributing to the complications of diabetes. Realize this, and you will automatically feel motivated and inspired towards a weight loss program. Personal discipline will go a long way in your effort to control diabetes and also in your goal of reducing weight considerably. For instance, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help you to fight the disease with lots of courage and hope.

Aim towards Healthy Weight Loss

It is crucial for you to understand that weight loss in a healthy manner is a slow but steady process. Therefore, you should make all efforts for reducing weight naturally in order to avoid further complications arising out of weight loss pills and supplements available in the market. Believe me, it would prove extremely beneficial to your body in the long run. In case of a drastic weight loss, consult a specialist to avail necessary actions and remedial procedures. So, if you plan to eat less, it may not necessarily prove to be the right answer for weight loss and your fight against diabetes. However, eating the right food in the right amount and eliminating certain fats and carbohydrates from your diet, can just well prove to be the ideal formula you need towards achieving your target.

Lifestyle Correction

Obese people suffering from diabetes can experience severe damages in their gums, teeth, skin, kidney, vision, digestive, cognitive, musculoskeletal, reproductive and cardiovascular systems. As a result of this, they feel thirsty, hungry, tired and weak at the same time. The victims might also feel the urge to urinate frequently. However, specific lifestyle corrective measures can provide relief to patients suffering from these conditions to some extent.

Following are the measures for lifestyle correction that you should adopt:

  • Include morning walk in your daily routine for at least forty-five minutes.
  • Control nervous tension and mental stress by remaining stable and calm. Developing a positive attitude towards life will also help your cause.
  • Include salad and green vegetables in your daily diet chart. Consume a lesser amount of rice and wheat and include one fruit with low sugar content like guava or apple. A seasonal fruit like jambul or jamun can also prove very effective for obese diabetic patients.
  • You should make it a point to consume milk with less fat in order to reach your goal fast.
  • Avoid spicy and fatty food, egg yolk, potato, and red meat at all cost.  
  • Regular practice of meditation and yoga can also play a crucial role in rejuvenating the activity level of your body organs.

Unfortunately, both type 2 and type 1 diabetes run the risk of being transmitted to the next generation of the family. Therefore, awareness from an early stage of your life becomes all the more important to combat this lethal disease.