Cotton Kurtas Sample Article

Women have an innate sense of dressing beautifully. A modern woman knows how to use the colour that best compliments her skin tone. She has knowledge of the size that suite her body type and chooses clothes that defines her personality. It is true that everyone cannot carry every type of dress but luckily there are few clothes that look great on everyone. Kurtas have been part and parcel of Indian wear for a long time and today they are regarded as must-haves in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. The scorching heat in the Indian sub-continent makes cotton kurtas comfortable every day wear.

Cotton Kurtas for All Occasions

Kurtas have this unique feature about them – they are traditional yet are contemporary. The versatility of cotton kurtas is evident from the fact that women wear them for work, on family occasions and even for parties. You just need to have the right bottoms and you are all set to go! Myntra, the fashion store that understands Indian sensibilities, offers a wide range of kurtas that define the woman of substance. Brands such as Biba, Anouk, W, Shree, Vishudh, and many more bring a wide range of cotton kurtas for the modern Indian woman. The cotton kurtas by Biba are meant for the no-nonsense girl who believes her style statements are just hers. Available in pastel hues with stripes, floral prints and blocks dominating the list, Biba is for occasions where you need to look your best. Shree as a brand epitomizes Indian beauty and the cotton printed kurtas are simple embodiments of it. Straight cuts that look best with leggings are your best bet for work or college.

Browsing through the vast collection at Myntra lets you know what’s in fashion and what’s not. There isn’t any rule which says everyday dresses cannot be stylish. The best way to combine chic with comfort is to choose the colour that looks best on you. At the same time, you shouldn’t shy away from experimenting with new colours. If the quintessential white cotton kurta adds elegance to your wardrobe, the black cotton kurta adds grace. The kurtas are available in different categories-ranging from anarkalis to the ones with printed fabric.

Myntra for All Women

Every woman is special in her own way. Thus, her style should also be special and something that defines her. A modern Indian woman cannot easily be subdued, she knows how to fight for herself, she understands and utilises the Shakti within her with dignity and she values and holds dear Indian values and culture. Myntra’s wide collection of cotton kurtas honours this Indian woman who is what she is. The sexy head-turner wears the kurta to flaunt her amazing figure, the demure girl-next-door wear the kurta because it makes her comfortable and the mother of two understands the utility of the kurta.

It is true that a woman will always find her wardrobe small even when she has a spacious walk-in closet for herself! Myntra’s amazing kurta collection will make you want to have more of them. After all, you must have at least one Fabindia and a Rain & Rainbow, an Anouk, a Shree, a W ….. Well, you need them all, don’t you? Browse through the cotton kurtas online only at Myntra and announce your style to the world!