The Cost of Calling While Travelling

So, you are planning to travel abroad this Christmas and you strongly believe that the world is not going to end on 21st December. That sounds great. Just wondering how you are going to make a call to your home when you are relishing the beauties of the unknown in a faraway land. Ohh, seems like you have not given this a thought before. It is quite common among travelers and even among frequent travelers to treat this thing with lesser importance. But it can cost you dearly and make you faint when you will have to pay an astronomical amount. So, unless you do not mind paying such big phone bills aboard, you need to plan something in advance and here we are going to share some tips and tricks that you can try to bring down phone bills significantly:

Get a new SIM card and be local

You can easily avoid the roaming charges by using an internal SIM card. All you need to have is an Unlocked GSM phone and make sure that the phone has the following GSM frequency – 900–1,800 MHz otherwise, its performance is bound to get affected. However, this option has a catch and it is quite obvious. You are going to miss your regular number, which is a bit of an inconvenience. But its advantage is sure to outweigh its drawback. Per minute rates are really impressive, it is less than a dollar and of course, did I say that the incoming calls are free.

Opt for the international roaming plan of your carrier

If you do not want to change your number for some business or any other reasons, then it makes sense to sign up for your existing carrier’s international roaming plan and hopefully, you would not have to feel the pinching effect. Thankfully, major US telephone companies have an agreement with leading foreign carriers and that means you are in luck. This agreement will let you enjoy the benefits of discounted roaming rates without sacrificing your existing number. But again this plan has got some serious issues as well. Since you are in an internal roaming plan, local calls will be billed at internal prices. So, think before you leap.

Use your laptop as your communication medium

I hope you have already guessed what I am going to say here. Yes, I am talking about Skype. Just install this awesome application and it will let you make voice and video calls from anywhere, anytime and the good thing is that you do not have to pay a penny for that. However, if you wish to make a call to a landline or mobile number, in that case, you need to pay a nominal amount. However, this option has some shortcomings as well. For say, it is not always convenient for anyone to carry that heavy thing all time and free calls are only for Skype users. But still, I believe that this is by far the best option to reduce telephone bills.

Roam Online

If you are a proud owner of a smartphone, I think it will be better if you create an account with Truphone. Just need to download its free software and you will be able to make an international call for 2 cents a minute, which is incredible. The great thing about this option is that you need not to have to make any changes in your existing plan.