Beauty of Copenhagen

Culture, craft and cosmopolitan, Copenhagen – the great Danish capital, is the coolest place to live your life the way you like. Thriving with jovial people and bursting with diverse activities, Copenhagen will make you fall in love with her over and over again. However, if you still need some reasons before you fall madly in love with Copenhagen, here are they:

1. There is a beach, believe me:

Ok I accept the fact that Copenhagen does not have a beach to boast of, but you can just drive three miles of the center, you will find Amager Strandpark, a beautiful beach destination. Caressed by marram grass and gentled by dunes, Amager Strandpark is a popular hotspot of tourist attraction. You will find adventure-loving people gathering over there in large number and this place is particularly popular among rollerbladers and cyclists. And come summer, this place is crowded with sunbathers.

2. Past and Present Intermingles:

Though just like any other European countries, commercial clutters are destroying the beauties and charms of Copenhagen, surprisingly it has managed to retain some of its charms. You can still feel the magic of the 19th-century atmosphere thanks to its theme parks that bears some relics of the past. Co-existing peacefully with Michelin-starred restaurants, are the gardens dotted with twirling whirligigs, vintage Ferris wheels and other things old.

3. Food is just awesome:

Those of you who love a city based on its culinary culture, this is the place to be. However, the culinary tradition of Copenhagen has undergone has massive transformation in the last few decades and thankfully it has changed because it is changed for good. Live performance coupled with lip-smacking dishes is there to increase your gastronomical delights.

4. Great place to Swim and have fun:

Copenhagen has some of the world’s most beautiful outdoor swimming pools where you can have a relaxing and sole satisfying bath. All you need to do is to drive down to Islands Brygge Havnebadet, located few miles from the center of Copenhagen to relish this. As the water temperature in summer rarely dips below 20°C, it makes it the perfect hunting ground for travelers.

5. Feeling Life Everywhere:

Art has attained a new meaning in Copenhagen. It has drawn sustenance from life itself and has converged towards becoming an obsession. Visit any nearby traditional stores and there you will see art in the form of life. Every item, no matter how small or how miniscule is displayed with precision and care.

6. People are ever Joyous:

Copenhageners are Hygge. This word may sound strange. It fits somewhere between chilling out and having fun, but there is no way to tell. This is a particular expression that you can only understand when you see it with your own eyes while your stay at Copenhagen. When the sun shines bright, you will see most Copenhageners are frocking in and around the waterfront or enjoying snacks in the nearby bistros. But the dusk sets in, all of them make a retreat to basement bars to escape the chilling wind.

7. Love Bicycles, Love Copenhagen

Touted as the most cycle-friendly city, Copenhagen has attained a charm of its own. But what makes you fall in love with this city, is not its passion for cycles. Rather you will fall in love when you see how common Copenhageners treat their cycle as the way of expressing their individuality. There are so many different and colorful cycles plying on the street that you make you say WOW.