Whirlpool WBV 33992 NFC IX

Whirlpool is back and this time with a new breed of the refrigerator that promises to keep your food fresh no matter how harsh the conditions are. Whirlpool Fridge Freezer WBV33992 NFC IX is inarguably a promising product that comes loaded with a revolutionary 6th Sense technology that will keep fish and meet in excellent condition. So, Whirlpool Fridge Freezer WBV33992 NFC IX is definitely the perfect companion for your everyday war at the kitchen.

Concerned about the Carbon footprints and the impact of using Whirlpool Fridge Freezer? Well, it is good to be concerned about the environment but thankfully Whirlpool Fridge Freezer gets an A++ for consuming less energy. It is a part of Whirlpool’s Green Generation range. Less energy consumption, less impact on the environment and fewer electricity bills; what else you can expect from a budget refrigerator?


Whirlpool WBV 33992 NFC IX has been equipped with some refreshing features. Apart from the mind-blowing 6th SENSE® Fresh Control technology that has been incorporated into this beast, it comes loaded with an amazing Frost Free feature and Activ 0° Drawer. All these have made the refrigerator all the more alluring to targeted customers.

Whirlpool WBV 33992 NFC IX looks sharp and stunning with an LED Display. Those of you who are a bit concerned about the health of their family, this refrigerator gives them complete peace of mind as Whirlpool WBV 33992 NFC IX is graced with an anti-bacterial filter. This filter keeps the food fresh and also keeps harmful bacteria at bay. Compared to other refrigerators of the same price range, Whirlpool WBV 33992 NFC IX keeps food fresh for up to 4 times longer. Take a look around and you will locate a zero degree compartment specifically designed to preserve meat and fresh. This refrigerator comes loaded with the followings – Activ 0ø fridge drawer, a bottle balcony, three freezer drawers, and three glass shelves.

It is 1.89 meters high and it's flush handles add to its elegant look and feel.

More Information about 6th SENSE © Fresh Control

In order to retain antioxidants, vitamins and other nutritious elements available in the food, it is very important that humidity is strictly maintained. Whirlpool is well aware of this vital issue and for that reason, it has launched Whirlpool WBV 33992 NFC IX that comes with a revolutionary 6th SENSE Fresh Control technology that maintains humidity and temperature automatically. It supplies chilled air to the storage area and this is what helps it keep the food fresh for a prolonged period of time. What is all the more interesting about this 6th SENSE technology is that it can bring the temperature back to the optimal level ten times faster making it an ideal choice for those who tend to leave the door open every now and then.

Active compartment

This is a magic drawer located at not so remote place within the fridge. Here temperature always remains stable at 0øC – the ideal temperature for keeping meat and fish fresh. However, if you wish, you can turn it off and use it as another regular drawer as well.

Are you feeling inspired and want to have this little beast in your kitchen? You can buy Whirlpool WBV 33992 NFC IX from a Whirlpool authorized dealer easily. Just make a Google search in case, you don’t know the location. You can read some reviews about Whirlpool WBV 33992 NFC IX before making a decision though.