HTC Sensation XE

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HTC Sensation XE

HTC Sensation XE is definitely not a new phone on the horizon rather it is the extension of its previous version with some improvements under the wrap. But despite all these raw facts, there is no getting away the fact that HTC Sensation XE is probably the best and the finest Android phone, we have ever got from HTC after HTC Arrive & HTC Thunderbolt. It steals the thunder from its competitors with its highly impressive dual-core processor, bounded earphones and others features that can give Samsung Galaxy S2 a tough time.

Though features that can blow viewers away are conspicuously absent in HTC Sensation XE, it is not an unimpressive phone either. Its adorable look and feel is likely to tempt you have your fingers on it as soon as you see it. Red and black design is definitely a huge plus for its appearance and added is the inclusion of urBeats headphones. But it has its share of disadvantages. Its battery backup is completely frustrating and it seems HTC has put some weight around performance and less around precession and the final product appears to have every semblance of a great phone.


There is no much difference between HTC Sensation XE and its previous version. Everything looks almost the same. HTC Sensation XE has the 8-megapixel camera, same 4.3in qHD display and the same unibody chassis. The only difference is that HTC Sensation XE is black rather than silver and the buttons light up red instead of white and there is a Beats Audio logo emblazoning on the rear. Other than this, you will be hard pressed to find any noticeable difference as far the look and feel of HTC Sensation XE is concerned.

HTC Sensation XE is wrapped in body casing which is probably constructed from a single aluminium sheet and this is what has added to its solid and robust feel. Its design looks thicker than most of its competitors and though it appears to be well built, rear battery cases creaks whenever you press it unevenly. HTC Sensation XE’s LCD screen looks more of a visual delight. It is good to read text and the colors look more natural than ever. But you may find it really difficult to read texts under direct sun light and the glossiness is a bit extra.


HTC Sensation XE runs on the latest Gingerbread version of Googles Android operating system and therefore, over the top performance is somewhat taken for granted here. It boasts of a massive 1.5GHz dual-core processor, which makes multitasking a breeze. And to satisfy your fancy, HTC has added 768MB of RAM in it that furthers pumps up its performance. To win the love of the music loves, XE has 8GB microSD card. So, you can have as many songs in it as you can images without making the phone creak under the load. Its battery back up is not impressive despite the fact that it has some serious improvement on this front form its previous version. An excessive use can drain the battery completely at the end of the day. So, HTC needs to take a look to fix this problem.

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