Fendi Spring bags Review

Your spring attire will be incomplete, at least this time, if you have not considered Fendi's Spring handbags collection. The already released promos have already vindicated the edgy look and quirky feel of the bags of Fendi's collection. The totes, shoulder bags or sachets, whatever your finger rests on, not only represent the current trend in fashion accessories but they are also your wardrobe staples at any given moment. These calfskin bags have been crafted with exquisite attention to detail.

Despite the fact that other luxury accessory manufacturers also use the same leather and their items cost a little less, Fendi's spring collection of bags still demands your attention for their vibrant feel in texture and colors.

But the only unpalatable fact of these bags is the prices and you can be bowed down literally. A Fendi Croco and Calfskin Top Handle with an exotic flap come at a hefty eight grand while similar products or regular leather requires you to pay about two grand if you buy it from Luisa Via Roma's stores in Europe. Similarly, you can have a leather tote for $2,000 too. Time will tell whether these prices are relevant. But the retailers in the US can offer these items at varying prices.