7 Productivity Apps Essential for New Entrepreneurs

For every new entrepreneur, one of the most valued commodities is time. With the numerous decisions you have to make, the several tasks you have to complete and the various things you have to take care of, it is natural to be hard-pressed for time.

In such a circumstance, managing your business seems to be quite difficult. Everything seems to require your immediate attention and it isn’t possible to handle it all at once. At such times, modern technology comes to the rescue of the new-age entrepreneurs.

Let’s take a look at some of the apps that make business, and life, easy for you.


No business can ignore the importance of social media. Your business needs to have a social media presence as well. But you don’t need an expert. This app can help you create and coordinate your social media strategy within a few minutes.

Compatible to Android and iOS, this app is available at no cost for up to five platforms. What can you do with it? You can manage social media channels, schedule posts, get excellent analytics – and you can do it all from your Smartphone.


Do you carry a notebook and a pen to jot down unique ideas and vital thoughts? Well, you never know when you have a brainwave! But when you have this app, the notebook and pen become redundant.

Sync your notes, flag or tag an idea for ready reference or access your task lists from any device. It is compatible with Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows. The basic version is free, but you can upgrade to a paid one for better functionality.


Want a tool that can make project management easy? This app is built for the purpose. The free basic version gives you the option to create unlimited projects and add 30 team members. You can make access to projects selective with the paid version.

It is a simple solution to prevent task slippage and project loss problems. What’s more, this app sends an email alert of your overdue projects and upcoming tasks daily. Want something capable of handling a little more? Let’s move on to the next app.


When your objective is to streamline project management, this is the app you need. How does it help? Whether you need to share files and collaborate with team members or manage projects and put them into ‘tracks, this app helps you do it.

With a simple drag-and-drop functionality and a visual monitoring capability, this app makes managing your projects a hassle-free experience. The basic version is available at no cost; however, it is compatible with iOS only.


A visual, prearranged format makes it easier to organize ideas and concepts and manage projects. This app gives you the way to do this. The mind maps make it possible to visualize elements, steps, categories and concepts in a logical hierarchy.

Available at a small cost and compatible with iOS, this app also gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to create exceptional graphics. Whether it is the creation of a task list or the necessity to brainstorm ideas, this app lets you accomplish the job with ease.


Sorting through a cluttered inbox often eats into your precious time. This app can make this problem disappear. With it, you can flag incoming messages, pick out important ones, snooze the ones you don’t need now and swipe away the trash.

The snoozed emails aren’t forgotten forever. The app ensures that they pop up later. Compatible to iOS, this free app synchronizes with Gmail too. When you are on the move, it uses cloud computing to check emails and delivers them to your mobile.


Storing and sharing files becomes an uncomplicated task with this app. Whether you need to store documents, photos or videos, this cloud-based app makes things simple. You can access them from anywhere and with any device.

The basic version is free. However, the storage capacity with it is limited. You need to upgrade to a paid version to avail of more storage space. You can also share files with your team members without the necessity to clutter the inbox.