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Sample Write-ups from 3Leaps

Medical Sample Articles

Taking Care of Hairs | Health Article [Sample Article]

You love you hair like anything else in the world and you can go any extreme to make it appear super sexy but seems like it is the recession and its lingering effects that are forcing you making a compromise with it.

Taking Care of Thick Hair | Health Article

OMG, OMG, you have got naturally thick hair. How lucky you are. So, everyone go green with envy whenever they behold the beauty of your naturally thick hair that makes men go down on their knees.

Yoga in Busy Schedule | Heath Sample Article]

Our life has become complex, if not hectic. We are working mechanically all day long and therefore, it is quite expected that at the end of the day, we all feel stressed out and exhausted. We all have heard the importance of practicing yoga to bring down stress and lead a happy and fulfilling lifestyle but we rarely give it a try citing time constrain.

Protecting Hairs During Winter

December has arrived and unless the world ends this month, we have to brace for another chilling winter. Since another winter is unavoidable, I hope you have a plan ready to keep your hair in good shape so that it can weather the onslaughts of winter.

Service Page Sample Articles

Frankfurt Airport – Sample Article

Frankfurt Airport is definitely one of the most prominent airports in Germany and as far as the statistics are concerned Frankfurt Airport is considered to be one of the busiest airports in Europe.

Cotton Kurtas – Sample Article

Women have an innate sense of dressing beautifully. A modern woman knows how to use the colour that best compliments her skin tone. She has knowledge of the size that suite her body type and chooses clothes that defines her personality.

Utility Service Detection Service Page [Sample Content]

Whenever you come across a situation that may necessitate the digging of ground you will almost always face the risk of damaging any wires or pipes. This will not only prove to be expensive, it may also be very dangerous.

Tech Sample Articles

Whirlpool WBV 33992 NFC IX – Sample Article

Whirlpool is back and this time with a new breed of refrigerator that promises to keep your food fresh no matter how harsh the conditions are. Whirlpool Fridge Freezer WBV33992 NFC IX is inarguably a promising product that comes loaded with a revolutionary 6th Sense technology.

Apple iPhone 4 – A Close Look for a Brighter Tomorrow

iPhone 4 may looks small but it is no such small device to make a review. It has so many features, so many variations and upgradations that people like me find it overwhelmingly difficult to figure out where to start and where to end.

Best All in One PCs to Multi tasking a breeze

Just when all us have started moralizing on the possible bleak future of the bulky PCs, they made a strong comeback and are giving laptops a run of their money. Though laptops or tablets will always have the upper hand over PCs because of the portability and power backup features, new age PCs are making an inroad into the rival bastion..

Blog Post Writing Samples

Securing a Magento Website

Magento is certainly one of the most powerful ecommerce platforms and it is going to strength to strength with every passing years thanks to the addition of some cool new features.

Four Fundamentals of a Mobile Friendly Website

It is paradoxical to note that despite the huge upsurge of internet access via mobile devices, people are still reluctant to have a mobile friendly version of their existing website. Though I have no idea why they are so much averse to such idea, probable reasons could be anything like – not having enough time or money to invest or they are just not aware of the enormous potential of the mobile browsing industry. Ok, forget it.

Cool CSS Tools for Sprucing Up The Design and Development Task

Are you feeling getting crushed under the work pressure? Do you feel that you cannot take any more? Well, in that case, do not be in a hurry to leave your day job. There are ways out and believe me they do work wonder. Now, I am not supposed to give you any fresh shit about how to be super creative in your regular design work.

How to Make Your Small Business Withstand Difficult Time

No not again please! This is what most small business owners feel when they see that the source of revenue is drying up, they are losing clients one by one or there is no way out from filing a bankruptcy.

Finance / Investment Articles

How to Select An Online Broker

Get a time machine and go back 10 or 20 years and you will be taken aback by the fact that the Stock Market was considered as a no-go zone by common people those days. It is the internet that broke down all the barriers and now we can see every Tom, Dick and Harry giving random advices on how to invest on certain stocks to some unsuspecting commoners.

How to find an investor to fund your small business

Well, not everyone may be as fortunate as to get a massive $800 venture capital from some Russian billionaire like that of twitter, but believe me, getting people convinced to invest in your dream project is not that difficult. Of course, there are some reasons to be leery about.

Top 3 Ways to Jeopardize your Financial Security

Ok accept that fact that we all make mistakes and this is how we gain experience. Honestly, if you say that you have never made any mistake, you are simply not pushing yourself that hard. People lose everything in gambling just to realize that it is a bad place to invest their hard earned money.

Is your company ready to expand

So you have set up your business and have been functioning all smooth and fine, catering to audience demands and requirements. There is an audience acceptance to your service and you have been innovating on your product portfolio as well.

Travel Sample Articles

Copenhagen – A place that will make you fall in love in 7 different ways

Culture, craft and cosmopolitan, Copenhagen – the great Danish capital, is the coolest place to live your life the way you like. Thriving with jovial people and bursting with diverse activities, Copenhagen will make you fall in love with her over and over again.

Strange Traffic Laws that you should be aware of while travelling

Hopefully, you have heard the saying – “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. But give it a deep thought and you will definitely find a fallacy in this statement. How on earth, you are going to behave like the Romans while your stay at Rome unless you have not visited it earlier?

Do not make phone bill tear you apart when you are travelling aboard

So, you are planning to traveling abroad this Christmas and you strongly believe that the world is not going to end on 21st December. That sounds great. Just wondering how you are going to make a call to your home when you are relishing the beauties of the unknown in a faraway land.

The changing face of travelling thanks to the information overload

Like everybody around, I like travelling a lot and thanks to my profession [did I tell you that I am travel writer?] I do not have to buy freedom from my boss every time I have an urge to pack the bags and baggage and go for a short tour.

Business Post Writing

Australia Company Formation

The process of setting up a business in Australia for foreigner has been simplified and streamlined in the past few years to facilitate foreign direct investment and to energize the Australian economy.



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