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Power of Guest Blogging

Everyone wants to build massive links to their web site or blog and start ranking at the top of the search engines for high traffic keywords. Unfortunately the task of getting high quality and relevant links is getting more competitive and costly.

With Google continually making changes to their algorithms and wiping out article directories and blog networks over night, you want to make sure you are building effective link building strategies that will stand the test of time.

Last few years were perfect examples of how Google can simply make a change on their end, and wipe out whole businesses and millions of incoming links for web sites. A very popular link building network called, BuildMyRank completely shut down their business because they offered the service of selling and distributing links across their network of blogs.

The concept was simple, users would pay a monthly service and could write 150+ word articles that would include a link back to their sites. These articles and links where then distributed through out the BuildMyRank network of blogs, then Google came along and de-indexed them all. Now all of those sites and links are potentially worthless.

Though BuildMyRank was the first major link building site that was made an example of last year, there are still plenty of BuildMyRank alternatives out there. Instead of asking which of these alternatives is the best, the better question to ask is how long they will last? With everyone fleeing from BuildMyRank, its obvious these smaller networks are getting massive exposure and signups to fulfill a needed service, but can they do it while following Googles rules?

Now that you have an idea of what can potentially happen when you build a business model around what Google doesnt like, lets look at a link building method that is quite rewarding and accepted by Google. The concept we are talking about is guest blog posting.

Guest blog posting is not only free, but it can be extremely effective when done well. If youve ever wanted to become an authority in a specific market, you can continually provide high quality guest posts on blogs that are in your niche and keep building a name for yourself.

Writing guest blog posts is much better than buying links because the content you create is actually being read by people, who are more likely to then visit your site and become a long time reader. The majority of link building services out there are just setting up links that never get clicked on or actually read by interested people. Your content on high ranking blogs will be read for many years to come, along with a constant flow of new readers coming to your site.

As wonderful as guest blog posting sounds, it does take a lot of work. Its easy to pay link building companies to blast links all over the place, but with guest blog posting you will need to take the time to find quality blogs that are in your niche (or writing topic), contact the sites and provide only the highest article content. It will take time and effort, but you will also take comfort in knowing that you are contributing quality content and building high quality links back to your sites.

Last modified: July 24, 2021