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Make your website superlight and reduce loading time significantly with 3Leaps' page speed optimization service.

3Leaps can make your website load faster than your competitors' websites. We can help your website score a perfect 100 in Google PageSpeed Insight Tool. If your website is taking more than 5 seconds to load, just get in touch and we will reduce the loading time without making any significant changes in the design and structure of the website.

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Page Speed Optimization Service

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Faster Loading

We will compress images to reduce the loading time of the website. However, we also need to make sure that we are not making any compromise on the quality front.

Enable Compression

We will enable gzip compression, it can help improve the loading time of the website dramatically. Gzip compression helps cut down on the size of http transferred response.

Defer Parsing

It is not a good practice to parse the JavaScript when the page is getting loaded. We will have to try to defer parsing JavaScript to reduce the overall loading time of the website.

Faster Website

We go extra miles to make your website super fast. We never take a shortcut while trying to optimize a website. The entire process is monitored by our experts.

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Improve Loading Time Of Your Website

Slow Loading Websites are As Good As Nothing

Google and other search engines are giving more preference to websites that get loaded fast. So, you would definitely like to make your website as lightweight as possible. WIth our page speed optimization service, you will be able to make your website load faster than ever.

Loading Time is Vital

We will do a thorough analysis of your website to figure out why your website is scoring so low on Google Page Speed tool and then our developers and SEO executives will join their hands to fix the performance issues of your website so that it scores above 90 out of 100 or more. Since it is a long process, it might take three to four days to make your website load faster than ever.

page speed optimization service
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