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How to Overcome the Barriers for a Web Entrepreneur

Like New York was the land of opportunity in the early 20th century, opportunity is now prevalent to anyone with a pinch of opportunistic thinking and a laptop with the wonder that is the World Wide Web. But rather than a medium of getting rich quick, the internet does its best to bring down some of the barriers to entry for many a budding entrepreneur. But as some barriers are brought down, others are erected in its place, but many of these are a lot easier to overcome than in the traditional bricks and mortar industry.

Product Choice

The very first step to getting your business off the ground is to have a long hard think about what you want to sell and how you want to sell it. If you are living in a studio flat, you will not want to be ordering a lot of stock into your home, and you might not have the money to buy the stock in the first place.

If you are in a position where you have minimal money to invest then there is the option of joining one of the many affiliate schemes that are around the internet, earning a percentage for every sale that comes through your own website.

Web Design

Getting the site designed is the first step in the long road to launch, if you know your way around code and you have a decent design package to do so then that’s great, otherwise there are many freelance designers around that will be willing to help for a fee.

If you have neither the money for a designer or the knowledge to create a site yourself, then services such as WordPress packages and Magento can create a robust ecommerce website for an accessible cost. There are many forums and guides on how to create a site using these packages.

On Going Site Work

Affiliate schemes and ecommerce sites can be very successful, but you have to get out of the mindset of just leaving it to do its thing, you need to constantly update the site with new and interesting material, relevant to the visitors. You can do this with blogs and articles, customer reviews, facts and figures and any number of different processes that a user may find interesting.

Keeping the site content fresh is key to success.

Getting Sociable

Marketing can be a very expensive activity, but there are ways around this that arguably have a better reach and opportunity about them, what you save in money, is usually spent in time investment.

Promoting your site via social networks is an easy way to gain traffic and brand recognition and is a tactic that is successfully implemented by many small websites, it gives the site personality and by tweeting and sharing interesting items on the internet as well as your own can be a good way of being seen as a service.

It is through word of mouth that many small businesses thrive at the beginning, the concept of word of mouth as changed as now the scope to reach people through recommendations is greatly increased and unlimited.

The internet had opened up a never-ending amount of opportunities, whether you have money to invest or not, the internet truly is the land of entrepreneurial opportunity.

Last modified: July 24, 2021