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Optimizing the Guest Post Experience for your Readers

As has been noted on this blog before, guest posting is a wonderful win-win situation for both your blog and for other bloggers and/or freelance writers who are looking for increased exposure. In this sense, guest posts are a form of mutual promotion that furthers the community aspect that is inherent in the art of blogging. At the same time, however, accepting guest posts needs to be done the right way for your readers to benefit from the experience. Here are a few tips.

Make your submission requirements clear and easy to find

The first step to accepting guest posts is making it clear to bloggers out there that you are actively recruiting guest writers. Don’t just make the announcement on your blog either—visit forums like MyBlogGuest.com, where you can ask for guest posts, and post an announcement on your Twitter feed and Facebook page as well. Wherever you go to get the word out about recruiting guest post writers, link to a separate page on your blog where you specifically stipulate your writing requirements. When drafting your writing requirements, be sure to keep your readers in mind. By wording the guidelines carefully, you’ll attract ideal guest post writers who will write articles that your audience will enjoy.

Don’t accept too many guest posts

Guest blogging works best when it is done sparingly. Of course, one of the best parts about guest posting is that it affords you a much needed break from blogging. Still, your readers come to your blog every day because they enjoy what YOU write. As such, if you begin accepting too many guest posts, you risk the chance of turning away readers who want more content from you. The best way to go about a guest post policy is to accept one or two posts every couple of weeks.

Require your guest post writer to be involved with your readers through comments

Although most guest post writers understand the concept of guest blogging and that it is an involved practice that brings together different blogging communities, many guest bloggers want only to get a link to their site and move on. However, what makes guest blogging an enjoyable experience for your readers is that they are sharing ideas with another like-minded blogger. As such, make it clear to authors from whom you accept guest posts that your primary objective is not necessarily the link, it is to bring in a new community member to share with your wider community of readers.

Edit all guest posts before publishing them

Even though in a perfect world, all guest posts that are submitted to you are polished pieces written by experts, it’s very important to thoroughly read each post before publishing. Check for grammar errors and ensure that it is something that is closely related to your blog and is something your readers will truly benefit from.

While accepting guest posts is a fantastic promotional tool that enables you to take a break from blogging without decreasing the amount of content you put out, your readers should always come first. Your audience, after all, forms the backbone of your blog, without which your blog would be nothing. Therefore, the most important thing to remember when accepting guest posts or doing anything new with your blog is to consider what your readers will think. Good luck.

Last modified: July 24, 2021