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No-nonsense Guide to Write Good Content

I think we all can agree that content is what keeps a blog alive, at least so I hope. So, well it’s really important that your content is good. But well, we all have different views on what good content is. In this post I’m going to describe what I mean good content is and really how I think you should write it. Content is queen. Not king, queen.

Let’s get started!

1. What’s Good Content?

We all have different opinions, that’s what makes humanity so beautiful (okay, Mikkel, stop that poetic blast!) But well, we have different opinions on good content, as well as how we define good movies, good books etc.

So, writing good content can’t be hard, it really is, you can’t get everybody to like your content, that really is impossible. Like everybody doesn’t like my kind of music. Most people from my office hates my music, but I think it’s wonderful! So, it’s hard to make art, not everybody will like it and that’s how it is.

So, there’s no definition of good content, we can only, sit down and decide what we think is good content and I’ve done that and therefore I can conclude what I think my audience would like – and nevertheless what I like. So, if you don’t like this content, just f*** off! -just kidding. Feel free to complain, but I don’t think much will change, of course if you’re coming with some tips I maybe could include some stuff there. (Okay, already too long paragraph)

2. Just Having Unique Content is Enough, Right?

I love unique content. Who doesn’t? Unique content is important for your blog to stay in sight. To get out of the crowded niche, you might be in. It’s hard to do that, especially if your niche is crowded like the “health-niche” or the “mmo-niche” that’s niches that really is crowded so it is important to do something unique.

Unique content is something that hasn’t been written before. Keep in mind that it can be hard, as you might get your inspiration from elsewhere, but it shouldn’t be impossible as everybody doesn’t know everything.

So, unique content is good and every single blog should have its own uniqueness, in itself. A question you need to ask yourself: “How is my blog different from all the other blogs in my niche?”

3. Entertaining, is Key

Everybody loves to be entertained. Who doesn’t? People also read blogs to be entertained, not only to get knowledge. You should write as entertaining as possible, you shouldn’t be serious all the time.

Try to entertain your audience as much as possible, just don’t get too bizarre, you know what I mean. People get to blogs to get laughs. So, if your blog could be educational but still funny, that would just be a plus.

4. Your Blog is Useful Isn’t it?

I think this is quite obvious your blog should be useful, if you are trying to learn people stuff it really should be useful. I think the most of you guys and girls want to educate your readers and that’s one of the reasons why you blog.

5. But is your blog useful?

Do some research before you try to publish anything, is it relevant or isn’t it? Do your researches well, that’s really important. When you want to build useful content, you also need to research your readership. You could ask your readers some questions if your blog is satisfying, or what they think is needed, etc.

Ask yourself why your favorite blog is attracting for readers?

6. Make it Easy

People tend not to stay on blogs for that long, my avg. time is 3 minutes and 28 seconds, so I try to make my posts as scannable as possible, which means that people easily can jump to what they want to read.

You can make your posts much better for the people who are in a hurry. By using:

  • Lists – a post that has the headline “Top Ten Ways to Build a Better Blog” or something like that.
  • Formatting – this is where you are using bold, underlining and italic writing, to highlight words.
  • Subheadings – I like to use those a lot, it’s the h3-tag I’m using to make my subheadings.
  • Short paragraphs – this is something you need to do to make your content easier to read, that also makes it faster to read.
  • Easy word – Use simple words, when you’re writing on a blog, you don’t need to impress your English teacher, nor do you need to write impressive words. You really just need to write in a simple language, so everybody can understand what you want to say.

You need to work hard and produce content that can easily be scanned. Hope this “tutorial” helped you to write better content.

Last modified: July 24, 2021