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Market Your Business Like A Hollywood Blockbuster

In this blog post I’m going to share with you the secrets of marketing your business like a Hollywood blockbuster movie. You know, those movies that make millions at the box office and are talked about for months after they release? We’ll discuss how to use your product or service in an innovative way that will have people talking about it for years.

The Seven Core Components of a Blockbuster

Movie1. The Hero:

Your hero is you and your business . Your story begins with the challenge that your business faces. The problem or challenge must be real, significant, difficult and complex. If you can’t find one that relates to your company then create one! Maybe in order to succeed you need to learn or develop a skill. Maybe you need to increase your efficiency by 10x so that you can tackle the big problem (your challenge) head on.

2. The Villain:

The villain is the obstacle that prevents you from reaching your goal. It’s not who or what you think it might be, instead it’s usually something related to your hero. It can also be an internal struggle, such as the villain within you that prevents you from achieving what you want or need to achieve (see below)

3. The Creativity:

Creativity is how you solve your problem which in turn will help others who face similar challenges and this makes your business stand out from the crowd. The creativity is also your marketing hook and/or product differentiation. How can you solve your problem creatively? How can you make it appeal to a wide audience or market segment?

4. The Plan:

This is where the action happens! It’s the execution of your creative solution that will change the world (or at least have people talking about it). You need to know what actions, solutions, tools and approaches you are going to use but don’t reveal them until this stage. Hint, hint…that’s why it’s called ‘creativity’.

5. The Unpredictability:

If everything went smoothly then there would be no story! Your business must overcome all obstacles including unforeseen failures and obstacles encountered along the way.

6. The Reversal of Fortune:

This is where things get interesting for your audience. How does the protagonist overcome the obstacles? Will they succeed or fail? What will their final outcome be? 

7. The Transformation:

The transformation is about how your business and you have changed as a result of your struggle, overcoming obstacles and solving problems. You’ve learned something new, experienced a positive change in outlook or attitude that now allows you to see solutions that were not previously visible before. Furthermore, your customers or clients will see how you’re now able to help them in ways that weren’t possible prior to this transformation point (see below).

Last modified: July 21, 2021