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Best Tools to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

The number of people accessing internet via their smartphones is on the rise. Now what does it mean to you and your business? Yah, you need to have a mobile version of your website up and running and there is no two ways about it. Now designing a mobile friendly website needs not be complex but sadly enough there are some technicalities involved otherwise you may find your online presence coming under extreme pressure. Now, you will definitely not like the idea of messing up with a mobile friendly version and a general desktop version. So, to help you make the transition smooth, you need to have a list of apps that can make your mobile version of your website truly inspiring and elegant:


This is an extension of W3C MobileOk Checker Service and it comes with an easy to understandable interface. You will have a graphical rendition of the result whether or not your website is optimized for mobile version or not. To check one page of your website without getting registered with this website, however, if you feel satisfied with the outcome, you can go ahead and get yourself registered with this website to be able to test the whole website.

iPad Peek

Just having a mobile version is not enough anymore as more and more people are now accessing internet via iPad and that means, your website has to be iPad compatible as well. Make sure you are checking the regular web version of your website and not the mobile version. All you need to do is to enter the URL and then press the enter button and then you will have a sneak peek of how your website is supposed to look like in iPad.

W3C mobileOK Checker

This is the most popular and the most authentic of all website testing tools available. It will let you know the errors contain in your website with pin point accuracy and that means. Just fix those errors and you will have a bigger and better world to live. The greatness of this tool is that it gives you hints how to fix those errors.

Google Mobile Testing

Well, the almightily Google has a tool to test mobile version of your website. It will simulate your website in mobile format and that means, you will be able to make a decision whether your website will appear precisely without any rough around the edges in different mobile versions.

Test iPhone

Willing to make your website look super hot in iPhone? Well in that case, you need to have your website checked in Test iPhone which will create a perfect simulation of your website in different mobile platforms like Windows Mobile, Symbian, Androids etc. This tool is super easy and super cool.

Opera Mobile Emulator

Opera is probably the most sophisticated and the lightest mobile web browser available. The uniqueness of Opera lies in the fact that almost all Java-compatible handset can support this web browser. And which is why it is being used by an overwhelming number of mobile handsets. So, it is imperative if not a necessity for a website owner to make his website opera friendly and sorry to say there is no two ways about it.


This tool only make you see if the mobile version of your website is running seamlessly on Java-compatible mobiles or not. However, the company has a plan on its sleeves to launch an Android version shortly.


If you do not mind paying some extra bucks to have a thorough check your website before the mobile version goes live, you need to go for a premium tool and Gomez could be the best choice for that. Just fill out a simple form and your website will be tested on real devices and the company will send you screen shots for your pleasure.

Last modified: July 24, 2021