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Optimal Word count for Web Page

There are many different questions asked by the SEO community and one is how long the content pages should be. This is an open ended question that can be answered in many different ways. However, there are three main ways you can decide how long your content pages should be.

Assess Your Competition

The first thing you should do before you start asking this question is to see what your competitors are doing. This can vary heavily from niche to niche as there is no one size fits all bill. If you find that your competitors are providing a lot of content per page then you should look to adopt this strategy as well. If your competitors are offering more value than you, then your customers will have no reason to go to you.

As well as this if you find that your competitors are undervaluing the strength of their content, then it could be an opportunity to move in. Always be looking for opportunities to add more value than your competitors in the marketplace.

How Involved Is Your Product

How much your prospective customers are going to invest in your product plays a large role in how much information you should offer. It has been noted that high investment purchases require a lot more information than impulse purchases that don’t need much thought.

For instance, if you are selling cars you will need a lot more information that someone who is selling pencil cases. This is mainly due to the fact that your customers will be investing lot more time and money to find the right solution. This means you should do them a favour and give them all of the information that they need to purchase.

Can You Talk About Everything

When it comes to selling your products you need to talk about every aspect possible. It’s no use having short concise content if you don’t manage to tell your users everything about the product. For example if you’re selling iPods you’ll want to tell your prospective customers everything from specifications, to the bulk of the content and the apps.

If you have the opportunity you should also try and add rich media. Rich media will give your users an experience that will make it stand out and make them much more likely to purchase.

For instance it has been found that good videos and images actually increase conversion rates and increase incoming traffic. One thing that you will always have to consider when it comes down to purchasing content is the ranking in search engines. The more valuable content you have on a webpage the better your ranking will be if it’s of use.

So to conclude it’s important to see what everyone else is doing in your industry but not take it as a fact. If you have the opportunity to add new content to a page then it would always be recommended to do so. In most cases this action can increase traffic, conversion rates and visitor engagement.

Last modified: July 24, 2021