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Is Your Blog As Credible As a Newspaper?

So, you’re a blogger? Big deal, anyone can share their thoughts on the internet in the form of a blog. So why does that make what you’re saying credible?

Well, that’s actually a huge controversy among many bloggers as to whether or not your content is credible. This holds especially true when you take your blog and compare it to a newspaper.

Is the blog really reputable as a source?

Newspapers have been around forever and have established quite a reputation for themselves. Readers trust the information that a newspaper puts out because they know it’s an established company.

Now here you are with a blog talking about the news and other up to date information. Why shouldn’t we all look at what you write as opinions rather than facts? Is the “blog” really reputable as a source for information?

Take a look at the Huffington Post. It’s a blog regardless of what people say, but it’s an online newspaper. That sounds a little like a contradiction of itself, doesn’t it? I mean, you can’t be both a blog and newspaper, can you? Well, in today’s day and age, you can be.

Granted the Huffington Post had to build credibility and trust with its readers just like any other standard newspaper, but what makes it credible? One word, READERSHIP! It doesn’t matter if you are a blog or an actual newspaper. If you have readers and what you’re sharing with the world grabs the attention of others, you build credibility. This does take time, but if you work hard at it, like anything, your efforts will pay off.

Building Your Foundation Can Be Difficult

If you’re looking to make your blog credible like a newspaper and you don’t know how to add readership, building your foundation can be difficult. What’s the best way to do this? Word of mouth.

Unlike with newspapers, which cost money to read, blogs don’t cost anything to read. That’s one significant advantage as a blogger that you have. People like free and if you deliver articles to them in a unique and interesting way, you can succeed.

Just think, newspapers didn’t have the opportunity to write guest posts on other newspapers to help gain exposure for their content. They had to use traditional forms of media that required a lot of money to build their foundation. We have many tools at our finger tips that cost nothing and we can leverage these tools to our advantage to build credibility.

I don’t believe the newspaper is truly going to completely go away, but with so many bloggers out there and all of our attention focused primarily on the internet, we don’t need paper forms of readable content.

Not only is this a great way to save the environment, but now anyone can have a voice and if you do it well, these newspapers are going to have serious competition. If you don’t believe me, look at any successful blog out there.

They have advertising on there just like a newspaper would have. Advertisers are now shifting the way they spend their money and that shift is obviously towards the internet. So, do what you do well and you will see that credibility is determined by the eyes of a reader.

Content is King

Everyone says, “content is King.” That’s true, but just because you feel your content is, doesn’t necessarily mean it is. Going back to what I mentioned earlier, your readership will determine if you are the “newspaper” they want to visit. Readership can make or break you.

If you’re good, the money will come, but don’t have money on your mind in the beginning. You need to establish yourself. The successful newspapers out there didn’t charge right off the bat. They needed to get a feel for what readers thought. Were the stories they were delivering grabbing the attention of people around the world?

Today, it’s not impossible to be as credible as a newspaper, but it’s not easy. You need to start from the bottom and work your way up. You need to think outside the box and try to find different ways to help gain exposure for what you are producing. Everyone says it and it’s not a myth, guest posting goes a long way to getting your name out there.

Just be sure to do it on other successful sites that accept guest posts. You may not be approved by the site owner every time, but it gives you something to work on. Be sure to talk to others, well known or starting off like yourself that share a common interest and talk about similar things on their “blog/newspaper.” You can do this, it’s just whether or not you believe in what you produce. Before you can expect someone else to get into what you share, you have to believe in your own work. It is just that simple!

What do you think about a blog compared to a newspaper? Does the blog really ever stand a chance or is a newspaper too dominant? Where do you think newspapers will be 10 years from now?

Last modified: July 23, 2021