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Is Printed Content Dead?

Print is dead. So is the pencil. And the bank branch. And the internal-combustion engine.

Except they aren’t. They may have different relevance than they once did. They may not be the only way we get our news or write notes or deposit checks or drive to work. But sometimes they’re the best way.

Do even think that print is dead. There’s a care and craftsmanship you can find only in print.

Printed Content Getting Eclipsed By Technology

Although print is sometimes eclipsed by the latest gee-whiz technologies, it is itself a technology, with the ability to reach users in ways other technologies cannot. Each [medium] has specific properties that shape not just how the content arrives but how we experience it. Where a mobile phone suits one set of circumstances and needs, in another the best tool might be a notebook computer, the radio, or a paper magazine.

Identifying Appropriate Channels for Content

Identifying appropriate channels for content has everything to do with whom you’re trying to reach and how you’re trying to reach them. In a lot of contexts, print is the most dramatic thing you can do. And because so many organizations are doing everything else right now, print has become the new cutting edge.

By virtue of being unconnected to other media, paper sometimes makes it easier to concentrate on the subject at hand. In a multitasking world where pure focus is harder and harder to come by, the value of print media’s seclusion from the Web is arguably increasing.

Mission: Yours, theirs, and ours

Coca-Cola isn’t just pushing soft drinks; it’s Refreshing the World. And Nike doesn’t just want to sell athletic gear. It wants to Inspire Every Athlete.

Brands – or, at least, the effective ones – have a mission. A reason that they are in business. A higher calling.

Sometimes you have to work backward and really dig deep to find out what your mission is. But ultimately, I don’t think you can be a brand without some kind of deeper meaning.

It’s also essential that a custom publisher have a clear understanding of what its client’s mission is. It really should be the first thing that’s discussed.

Brands have a mission

Brands definitely have a mission beyond the obvious. Starbucks is a good example. Clearly they’re about much more than coffee. Check out their website and see how many times the word ‘community’ appears. It’s not surprising that they dropped the word ‘coffee’ from their logo.

All brands have a mission to actually mean something relevant to consumers’ lives. It is about an emotional connection based on multiple experiences over time. Your consumers should feel about your brand the same way they would feel about a trusted friend.

Every brand must have a mission that provides a distinct connection to its consumer. At 3Leaps, our brand mission is to present original content with an independent perspective. We deliver on that mission by consistently creating and presenting unique, alternative, authentic programming that our viewers have come to know us for.

Last modified: July 23, 2021