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Is Guest Posting Becoming Less Effective?

This largely depends on the reason why you are guest posting, as well as the approach that you are taking. If you are solely using guest posting as a way to build links back to your website so that you can achieve high rankings in Google’s search results, then the answer is a definite yes.

If you are utilizing guest posting as a way to actively market your business so that you can bring quality traffic back to your site where you can hopefully convert those prospects into paying customers, then this is still a very effective way to implement content marketing.

Unfortunately, most people approach guest posting for the sole purpose of search engine optimization, and so generally the posts are your typical run-of-the-mill articles, produced in mass, and then posted to as many blogs as possible so that you can get a load of links back to your site.

Two very important statements don’t you think? First of all, if your sole purpose of guest posting is just to get links back to your site, then you are focusing all of your efforts on natural link-building schemes, which is a big no-no in Google’s books, and by the way, because guest posting has been abused of late, Google is beginning to take action. Secondly, this approach beats the whole purpose of what guest posting was originally all about, which is to effectively market your business.

We tend to forget that the whole purpose of content marketing is so that we can effectively achieve what is being lost through other means of advertising, such as banners and every other form of direct sales tactics, which is to provide useful content so that you can gain the trust of your prospects and ultimately get them to come back to your site to find out more about who you are, what you have to offer, and hopefully invest into your products and services.

The only way that this is possible is by providing high-quality content that stands out from the crowd and that offers a unique point of view on any given subject that you’re focusing on. It is this type of content that will be picked up by many of the high-powered blogs and websites; the ones that have a lot of high-quality traffic. So, when you think about it, the whole purpose of guest posting isn’t about link building, but rather, it is about getting more traffic from that post. This is by far more effective, because not only will you be gaining a larger audience, but there is a big chance that a portion of that audience will find your content so interesting that they will most likely share it on their blogs (natural link building), which in turn gives you more link juice so that you can improve your rankings.

If I were to sum it up, I would say that most of us have forgotten what it is to be marketers because we are overly focused on search engine optimization. We forget that no matter how well a site ranks in the search engines, all that will mean nothing if we are unable to effectively market to our prospects and customers, so not only are we putting ourselves at a high risk of getting our sites penalized by following these questionable tactics, but we are also hurting our conversion rates simply because we are not focused on providing high-quality content.

Last modified: July 23, 2021